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Tatiana is a Rigelian saint who was orphaned at a young age. Raised in an orphanage run by the Church of Rigel, Tatiana joined the clergy in order to repay the church for raising her. Tatiana discovered the unconscious body of a man washed ashore. Having suffered grievous wounds and lost most of his memories, Tatiana nursed him back to health, and during this time, the two fell in love. The man eventually draws the attention of Emperor Rudolf who admires his combat prowess, quickly ascending the ranks of the Rigelian army and becoming close to the Emperor himself. Rudolf named the man Ezekiel, Zeke for short. However, when the war between Rigel and Zofia starts, Zeke opposes it. To make matters worse, Zeke is stationed with Jerome, a man who leads his personal platoon to constantly raid nearby villages. While Zeke cannot stand his actions, the witch Nuibaba kidnapped Tatiana and holds her hostage in her villa on Fear Mountain and threatens to sacrifice her if Zeke does not comply. Tatiana is a good-natured, amiable, and selfless person, as shown by her caring for an absolute stranger near death and constant volunteering for duties at her monastery. However, she is also very clumsy and scatter-brained, which on more than one occasion has interfered with various tasks, such as cooking or applying a salve. She fears the possibility of Zeke regaining his memories, believing it might cause him to leave her; in Shadows of Valentia, she tells Alm that she feels horrible and selfish for feeling that way, and adds that if Zeke truly wanted to return to any lover he had before, she would allow him to.

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