Tatsuhiko Shibusawa Husbando

Tatsuhiko Shibusawa
Original Name
澁澤 龍彦
Romaji Name
Shibusawa Tatsuhiko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 8th
180.00 cm
64.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 19168
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Trash # 9387

Tatsuhiko Shibusawa was involved in the Dragon's Head Conflict six years ago after being sent by the government supposedly to help conclude the strife, only for him to exacerbate it out of his own personal agenda. He has the ability named Draconia. Shibusawa was a young, tall man with extremely pale skin and vacant red eyes. He had waist-length, snow-white hair that was wavy to the point of almost unruly. Small segments of his hair were tied into braids on the side of his head with a tubular black hair accessory. His bangs were the neatest part of his hair, split in the middle, with the right side curving with a larger portion of his bangs. He wore a white, low-cut shirt with loose sleeves over a black turtleneck. On top, he wore an unfastened cape that can be secured by a gold button. The turtleneck's sleeves secured around his middle fingers. Below, he wore trousers and what appeared to be dress shoes. He also wore black nail polish. In his draconic appearance after being revived, Shibusawa's skin was off-color and mostly covered by greenish-grey dragon scales. His muscles enlarged considerably, and the gem embedded in his skull turned into a horn. The three claw scars from Atsushi's attack reappeared over the right side of his face. Bored of the world, Shibusawa claimed that nothing exceeded his expectations but he himself. The man seemed to exhibit excessive collecting hobbies, as, during the Dragon's Head Conflict, he claimed to steal gems out of sheer boredom. This earned him the nickname 'The Collector'. A man of intellect, Shibusawa was calculative in every one of his moves, proven in his planning during the dispute where he used the tide of the conflict, turning it into how he saw fit and furthered his own goals. Shibusawa's intellect and boredom led to not only arrogance but the belief that very few things can truly fulfill him, leaving him empty inside and yearning for something to fill in the blanks of his memory and heart. He believed no one is on par with him, and as such, no one can surprise him. After regaining his memories, Shibusawa stated that the rush of life he felt after Atsushi killed him was what he sought all along.

adult albino fair skin hair pin long hair red eyes tall thin eyebrows white hair
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