Tearju Lunatique

Tearju Lunatique
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Tearju Lunatique (ティアーユ=ルナティーク) is Yami and Kurosaki Mea creator, as she used her own cells in order to create Yami but didn't do the same for Mea. She is a genius in Universe Biotechnology and has been since she was a teenager. She takes the role of a clumsy and beautiful homeroom teacher at Rito's school in the later chapters of Darkness. She is aware of Yami at school and tries to get close to her like before she left her; she is also aware of her feelings for Rito. Tearju's personality can be described to be much like Rito. She is very kind to those around her. But she can also be shy and clumsy, both physically and socially, and can sometimes end up in awkward moments. But despite this she is considered to be very smart and knowledgeable. Tearju cares deeply for Yami like a daughter/little sister and wants to be close to her like before, but doesn't quite know how to approach her after being separated from her for so long and having her personality change so drastically. She also considers Mea her little sister and would also want to be close to her, but Mea greatly denies and rejects it, as was apparently brought up to do so.

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