Tenka Izumo

Tenka Izumo
Original Name
出雲 天花
Romaji Name
Izumo Tenka
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 1st
163.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 5702
Like # 5005
Trash # 15294

She is a beautiful well-endowed young woman who has blue eyes and short blonde hair that is white on top of her head. As the 6th Unit Chief, she is often dressed in her Anti-Demon Corps uniform, consisting of a navy blue militia tunic, a cap with red highlights, white gloves, shorts, and thigh-high boots. She has worn two different sets of earrings, a single earring with a feather on her right ear and blue pendant earrings. Tenka is often seen wearing civilian clothes when she isn't in service. Personality Tenka is a calm, mature, and good-natured woman, which was noted from her interactions around the 7th Unit, rarely showing anything but a lighthearted and genuine demeanor. Dissimilar from Yachiho, she is confident in her abilities and her unit, but not overconfident and never looks down on others like the latter. It is noted that Tenka refers to others affectionately, such as calling Kyouka "Kyou-chin" and Yuuki at first "Slave-kun". Similar to Kyouka, the members of her unit look up to Tenka, and she, in turn, cares about them. She does not mind if any of them lose a battle, taking it as a lesson for them, giving them all advice after a loss. She will gladly jump in to save her subordinates' lives from an opponent. She developed an initial interest in Yuuki, not looking down on him for being a man or slave. These feelings progressed as she witnessed him fighting and helping others, causing her to develop strong feelings for him. She often flirts with him alone or in front of others, asking Kyouka if she could have Yuuki. In fact, though Tenka hadn't shown anger before, she hated the fact that Yuuki was kidnapped by the humanoid Shuuki led by his older sister. Her feelings were such that she couldn't bring herself to hurt Aoba since she knew how much she meant to Yuuki, instead taking a hit head-on. Background Tenka has been an honor student from childhood, never failing in anything. She was never interested in boys her age, and lived life in boredom whenever alone, even after becoming a member of the Anti-Demon Corps.

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