Think Nirvalen

Think Nirvalen
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Shinku Niruvaren
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Think Nirvalen was an Elf that lived during the Great War. She is Fiel Nirvalen's ancestor. She is the creator of the Spirit-Breaking Rites, including Void Zero Protection and Eternal Fourth Protection. Riku Dola paid her a visit as part of his plans to end the war. Think bears many similarities with Fiel. She has long, wavy blonde hair and her eyes have purple irises with pink pupils. She has a small pink ribbon that keeps a small portion of her hair in a plait and a very large bust. Her clothes consisted of a white, rather revealing dress that showed her midriff and barely covered her chest and legs and golden armbands with a long strip of white fabric that acted as her sleeves. She wore brown sandals with a ballet-like wrap that went just past her ankles and simple, blue bracelets. She also had a headpiece that was made of four different-colored jewels - two blue, two pink - and hair accessories that were shaped like white flowers. She is portrayed in No Game No Life: Zero as a cunning leader. While she was in the development of the Áka Si Anse, she often brutally tortured other races, and possibly her own for the simple enjoyment of it. She even states that the ruthlessness of the Nirvalen family is something she still holds up despite the war and is infamous because of it. She is shown as very arrogant and only caught off guard during Riku Dola's final plan to obtain the Suniaster and when speaking with him. In Practical War Game, it was seen that Think was incredibly apathetic in terms of taking care of herself, her supposed husband Nina Clive would take care of her and do almost everything for her, including buying pornographic materials. She's also shown to be quite lascivious towards Nina, often sexually harassing him by summoning tentacles pumped with aphrodisiacs or licking him. After her first defeat in the hands of Lóni Drauvnil, she became nihilistic and had the idea of ending the war by killing everyone.

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