Anan Kurose

Anan Kurose
Place of Origin
Kagoshima Prefecture (Tanegashima)
Date of Birth
February 3rd
180.00 cm
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Anan Kurose, also known as Space Hero: Thirteen, is a Pro Hero who specializes in search and rescue, and a faculty member of U.A. High School. Anan is a young woman with short, navy blue colored hair, as well as blonde colored hair at the top, simulating a spiral. She has hazel colored irises which have rings around them, resembling the first concepts given to depict black holes. Her costume consists of a white space suit design using what appears to be a puffy jacket instead of an actual suit, a black helmet with white eyes, and a pair of yellow boots. During the Paranormal Liberation War, her helmet was partially cracked, revealing parts of her face for the first time, namely her light hair worn in bangs and her right, light-colored eye. Both her arms were greatly injured in the conflict Anan is a wise, well-mannered woman. As a rescue hero, Anan has displayed how passionate she is about saving people through her teachings. She even developed her own training facility - the Unforeseen Simulation Joint - to train future heroes in search and rescue tactics. She is very passionate about Quirks, specifically Quirks used for creation and assistance rather than for destruction and battle. Regardless, she preaches about her own Quirk being dangerous enough to take someone's life and encourages her students to use their powers for good as heroes. Anan has also been shown to be very brave. Despite not being a combat type, she does not hesitate to use her Quirk to fight against villains for the sake of protecting others.

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