Tiné Chelc

Tiné Chelc
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Snowfield, United States
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Tiné Chelc is the "False" Master of False Archer in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake after stealing the Command Spells from his original Master. Her exact age is unknown but she appears to be around twelve years old. Tiné’s skin is dark brown, and her hair was a lustrous black. When meeting Gilgamesh, Tiné wears a prepossessing ceremonial bridal garment that gives the impression that she is a child of noble upbringing. At home, Tiné would usually wear traditional Native American Indian clothing. Tiné is rather solemn and stoic for a 12 year old, having discarded her emotions for the sake of her clan. She speaks in a very formal and polite tone, and treats Archer as if she were a lowly peasant speaking to the most glorious king who had ever lived. She is very respectful, and, after Archer gives her the permission to speak, replies with, "I am most grateful for this privilege, Your Majesty." Her voice is described as being clear, immaculate, and that it was a devoid of emotion, as if it 'rejected all that was'. Her voice alone leaves the impression that she is young, and she appears even younger than her voice suggests. After she had killed Archer's first master, she did not, however, appear flustered. She is also unable to feel many emotions, thus is unable to show anything but utmost respect for her Servant. It is also suggested that Tiné is envious of Archer's indomitability.

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