Tiona Hiryute

Tiona Hiryute
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Tiona Hiryute is a first class adventurer and an executive member of the Loki Familia. She is the younger twin of the Hiryute Sisters. She is the reincarnation of one of the three great poets, Olna Garof. Tiona has medium length black hair and dark green eyes. Like all Amazonesses, she wears revealing clothing, wearing only a Tube top that only covers around her chest and a pareo around her waist, and always goes barefoot. Tiona is an overly energetic Amazoness who likes teasing people, but is a caring friend. She is a very friendly woman who can easily break the ice and strike up a conversation with even the most difficult and closed off people, like Filvis. She isn't the type to use her brain, which she admits herself, and is unable to read the mood. Tiona genuinely doesn't like to put much thought into things and prefers to keep everything simple. She enjoys fighting and has been noted to be a berserker in combat. Tiona often acts rashly and impulsively, such as when she charged at a Virga despite Finn's warning. Unlike most of her race, she has no general interest in the opposite gender, having never tried to seduce a single man. She however does have a type, which is a human as old if not younger than her. She also has a complex about her chest size compared to other women. She is more flexible and caring than her sister, as she doubted if it was okay to fight the Xenos as they supported and cared for each other, even letting Wiene go after seeing her save a child. Tiona is fond of hero stories, a taste she developed in Telskyura since they were her only source of entertainment, and is almost just as knowledgeable about the topic as Bell is. In particular, she really likes the Argonaut story, which made her laugh a lot the first time she read it. The tale eventually became Tiona's favorite as she continued to grow up in Telskyura due to being a comfort she could turn to even in the worst of times. Due to the importance and role that the story had in her life, Tiona ended up adopting the Argonaut's philosophy of always smiling no matter how severe her situation was. This attitude is not to support herself but her way of trying to bring joy to others and help them overcome the difficult problems they face and the hard experiences they have by bringing them the same happiness that the story brought to her. She tenderly cares for her loved ones and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. After seeing how severely Tione was affected by killing Seldas, she became determined to prevent her from going through something similar again. Whenever she was assigned to kill a roommate of hers, Tiona would go with Kali to take her sister's place, dutifully undertaking the task despite her own fondness for them. Furthermore, she has shown to possess great mental strength as she endured killing all of her roommates and she has remained steadfast in her decision to always keep a positive front.

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