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Titania was once a knight in service to Crimea. During her time as a knight, she entered an officer exchange program and was sent to Gallia, where she first met Greil. Although she trembled at the sight of his strength, she decided to fight him in a battle, but he swiftly beat her. When Titania asked him to train her, he agreed and they began to spar in their spare hours. After a few weeks, they became fairly close and he invited her to his home. It was at that time that she met his wife, Elena, and his children, Ike and Mist. Eventually, she developed unrequited feelings for Greil, but she kept it as a secret. Her one-sided love continues even after Elena's death, but she still keeps it to herself, as she knows that Greil had dearly loved his wife. In Path of Radiance, Titania expresses immense grief and pain over Greil's death and eventually asks Ike to reveal the details about the circumstances of Greil's death (i.e. Greil's battle with the Black Knight). She also shows her strong support of Ike's succession of the Greil Mercenaries and believes that he carries the same ideals as Greil did. In Radiant Dawn, Titania continues to serve as a guide to Ike. Early in Part 3, she reminds Ike and Soren that the war between the Laguz Alliance and the Begnion Empire could awaken the dark god slumbering inside of Lehran's Medallion. In the ending, she remains in her position as the second-in-command of the mercenaries and makes yearly visits to the graves of her fallen friends.

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