Tohru Adachi Husbando

Tohru Adachi
Original Name
足立 透
Romaji Name
Adachi Touru
Appears In
Persona 4
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 1st 1984
176.00 cm
63.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 2050
Like # 2588
Trash # 870

Tohru Adachi is a character in Persona 4. He is a police detective and Ryotaro Dojima's partner. Adachi is a young adult with short, unkempt, black hair and gray eyes. He wears a black suit with a long-sleeved white dress shirt, a crooked dark red tie, and brown field boots. In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, he wears a yellow jacket during his pre-battle sequence. The jacket was also seen in his concept art, and he was seen wearing it in Persona 4 The Golden Animation. Adachi seems to be a cheerful and jovial detective displaying textbook incompetence, such as threatening to throw up upon being asked to investigate a murder scene. He is outright treated as comic relief, due to his irresponsible and slacking nature. He also tends to make terrible unfunny jokes and puns that only he would enjoy. He jokingly refers to himself as Dojima's slave, complaining about the workload that his partner piles on him. Adachi is shown to be rather lazy, even encouraging Nanako to take shortcuts in her homework. Adachi also often accidentally (and sometimes purposely) blurts out the police investigation results to the Investigation Team, much to his own chagrin. He can be seen hanging around the Junes Department Store, usually "killing time." This stems from when he was younger, his parents only cared about his grades in school, resulting in an aloof upbringing without many friends. Due to the hard work in his youth, Adachi feels that he should be entitled to success in life, although he was kicked to Inaba to become Dojima's assistant due to incompetence or in Adachi's own words, a "botched job." Adachi grew bored of the life he lived in the quiet country town of Inaba, which he describes as "Nowheresville," since he was often pressured by Dojima and didn't have much income, having to resort to having daily meals of boiled cabbage to the point that he was bored and disgusted by its taste. He ultimately grew to resent the "reality" of a society that he felt boxed him in and desired a means to escape it. This motivated him to enroll in Izanami's cat-and-mouse game and unleash a series of bizarre murders to relieve his stress in Inaba. In contrast to the protagonists who successfully quell the violent aspects of their Shadows (with the exception of the Bad Ending that leads to them killing Namatame), Adachi freely acts out his murderous impulses and postulates that the Shadow Selves that emerged from the Investigation Team were enjoying life far more than their real counterparts. Even then, Adachi is able to properly facade his true nature via his responsibilities as a cop, while his lazy and bumbling personality expresses his reluctancy and inability to play said role, even if it's at his expense. Regarding his relationships with the people around him, Adachi does not seem keen on hanging around or depending on others, believing that true freedom lies in solitude. Being treated with empathy and kindness confuses and annoys him, due to his lack of friends in his youth. He has a lack of empathy for others, whether it be his victims or their loved ones, and encourages the protagonist to adopt a similar mindset to look out for oneself. Should he personally confront Adachi, the latter would only refute that it was his decision to befriend Adachi that betrayed him, rather than Adachi himself. He is also prone to lose his temper when people happen to wound his ego or oppose his ideals, resulting in him performing cruel actions on an impulse such as murdering Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi, and attacking the Investigation Team when his Shadow overruns him. Despite this, Adachi does express in his letter to the protagonist fondness for his life with the Dojimas, showing that he does have some appreciation for the values of friendship that he often scoffs at. Whenever Adachi upsets Nanako by antagonizing the protagonist, he would try to uplift her spirits, as shown by performing a magic trick for her. Although having faced the truth like the others, he would be left with nothing but a sense of despair from his inability to change anything, due to society's inept nature, as the truth they believe in is merely a social construct built on rumors. Adachi has chosen to look away from the truth, leading to his misanthropic, fraudulent, manipulative and mocking personality. The main difference between Adachi and the others who have awakened to their Persona is that he acted alone, and the lack of any meaningful relationships in his life was what caused him to develop his Persona. However, he becomes especially abrasive whenever faced with reality even if temporarily, such as when both Mayumi and Saki rejected him, or even when the Investigation Team banded together to force feed him with the truth. He even becomes a poor actor as soon as Nanako's hospitalized, as he shows no signs of genuine sympathy towards the girl's death, and when he's actively trying to cover his tracks near the very end, the best excuse he has for transporting Namatame to keep him from talking, was to present himself as an uncharacteristically dedicated detective. He would later make up fake excuses to hide from the truth, insisting that Mayumi and Saki "betrayed" him, and would try to confuse the Investigation Team by dodging the blame and accusing them of being hypocrites. After Ameno-sagiri's defeat, Adachi accepts his defeat and willingly returns to the real world to answer for his crimes. In Golden, should his Social Link with the protagonist have been ranked up accordingly, he acknowledges that had he been more like the protagonist and his friends, his life would have been much more fortunate. He was also surprised to hear Dojima was still considerate of him as a partner regardless, proven by having been carefully hospitalized before being put into custody on Dojima's request. Later, in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, he retains his habit of taunting the cast, but also retains his cheerful, nonchalant attitude. The actions of the Investigation Team appear to have made an impact on him as well; he is very adamant in trying to atone for his past crimes and shows an immense amount of selflessness by attempting to destroy the Persona Fragments that Sho had collected and assisting Yu in defeating Hinokagutsuchi. In addition, although Adachi won't admit it out loud, he genuinely values his friendship with Dojima, smiling when Dojima came to visit him in prison and almost losing his temper when the middle-aged detective began insulting him.

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