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Tomoe, previously known as Muteki "Shin", is one of the two main female deuteragonist in this series. She is a Greater Dragons, existing in the World of the Goddess and is presently in servitude of Makoto Misumi. Tomoe has wavy waist-length blue hair (which have a mist like look to them) that is tied up in a ponytail with a chest-length hair strand hanging on the left side, red reptilian eyes and a curvaceous figure. Tomoe's Dragon form is that of an Oriental/Eastern Dragon, with long hair that look like mist, long flowing whiskers, long antlers, sharp teeth, reptilian eyes, four toes on each foot, and a long serpentine body. She tends to have an easy-going personality, likes taking on new challenges and learning interesting things related to the Edo period of Japan. Different from her previously lazy and disinterested outlook of the world. She is very Masculine most of the time, but whenever she blushes or acts coyly she is said to be extremely feminine and a rare sight. She's not serious at times to a dangerous degree. She has a habit to not focus on her duties and binge watch shows from Makoto's memories, much to everyone else's annoyance. She has a phobia that Mio might eat all of the media she painstakingly complied and often acts childish whenever she fights with Mio over more Anime/Western Cartoons she would like to watch. She finds great enjoyment in seeing what changes would come from Makoto and especially learning things from his memories. Furthermore, she has also desired a blatant desire to serve and, one-day, receive his physical affection.

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