Tomoko Shiretoko

Tomoko Shiretoko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 8th
166.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 725
Like # 782
Trash # 556

Tomoko Shiretoko, also known as Ragdoll, is the former No. 32 Pro Hero and member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. Tomoko is a young woman of medium height with long, emerald green hair and big round yellow eyes that are almost always open all the way, three small eyelashes located toward the top of each eye. As a part of her costume, she draws pink marks on her cheeks that resemble whiskers and a pink circle around her right eye. Ragdoll sports a yellow version of the Pussycats' hero costume. Even among the overzealous and eccentric Pussycats team, Ragdoll stands out as the most hyperactive personality among them. She is very energetic and can be told through her body language, like her constant blinking or inability to remain still. However, after the loss of her Quirk and her career as a hero, she is shown to be extremely distraught and broken down. After accepting her loss, she has retained her normal hyperactive personality and is now supporting her old teammates, showing she is still in good spirits, despite her new situation.

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