Tomoko Yamaguchi

Tomoko Yamaguchi
Original Name
山口 智子
Romaji Name
Yamaguchi Tomoko
Appears In
Hajime no Ippo
Place of Origin
Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth
October 7th 1966
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 17623
Like # 17113
Trash # 19136

Tomoko Yamaguchi, often referred to as Dr. Yamaguchi, is an orthopaedic surgeon who runs a bone clinic. She was a well-known Judo practitioner said to be the best of her class in Japan. She primarily acts as Makunouchi Ippo's physical therapist. Yamaguchi is known by most of the characters to be extremely physically attractive. She has a voluptuous figure and large breasts. Takamura usually tries to sneak peeks at her body. This happened once at Ippo's celebration dinner for his winning the All Rookie Tournament, where Takamura tried to look at Yamaguchi's thong through her panty line when she was drunk and bending over. Yamaguchi tends to treat boxers and their injuries with as much respect as can be expected from a seasoned professional. She maintains her composure in the face of smitten boxers trying to either court or grope her, by dismissing their advances off as humor, calling their bluffs, or responding with direct violence in retaliation.

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