Ton Husbando

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Ton is the director of the accounting department and the primary antagonist of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. He is Retsuko's direct boss and makes her work life extremely difficult. Ton's appearance is based on the Large White Pig. He has pink skin across his entire body and is very overweight. In the shorts, Ton is constantly sweating and wiping it away with a handkerchief. He is seen both in and out of work wearing a white dress shirt, green tie, black pants, and brown shoes. It's hard to say what Ton is really like. Towards Tsunoda, he is always blushing and showing off his golfing skill, giving her slack for not finishing her work (then passing it off onto Retsuko). Towards Retsuko, he is rude, sexist, and goes out of his way to make her work day more difficult. But when Retsuko was going through a rough patch during her relationship, Ton could tell she was having a hard time and not only gave her slack at work, but also gave her some heartfelt advice. He doesn't seem to have much interaction with male employees besides Komiya, but all of the employees are extremely disturbed when Ton acts nice.

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