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Anthony Edward Stark
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Marvel Comics
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Manhattan, New York, USA
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May 29th 1970
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Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark was a billionaire industrialist, a founding member of the Avengers, and the former CEO of Stark Industries. A brash but brilliant inventor, Stark was self-described as a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. With his great wealth and exceptional technical knowledge, Stark was one of the world's most powerful men following the deaths of his parents and enjoyed the playboy lifestyle for many years until he was kidnapped by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan, while demonstrating a fleet of Jericho missiles. With his life on the line, Stark created an armored suit which he used to escape his captors. Upon returning home, he utilized several more armors to use against terrorists, as well as Obadiah Stane who turned against Stark. Following his fight against Stane, Stark publicly revealed himself as Iron Man. Fresh off from defeating enemies all over the world, Stark found himself dying due to his own Arc Reactor poisoning his body, all while he was challenged by Ivan Vanko who attempted to destroy his legacy. After the Stark Expo incident, Stark reluctantly agreed to serve as a consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D. where he used his position to upgrade their technology while he began a relationship with Pepper Potts. With the world yet again being threatened, Stark joined the Avengers and helped defeat the Chitauri and Loki. Due to the battle, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, leading him to create the Iron Legion to safeguard the world and help him retire. The 2012 "Mandarin" terrorist attacks forced Stark to come out of retirement to protect his country, inadvertently putting his loved ones at risk and leaving him defenseless when his home was destroyed. Stark continued his mission, finding Aldrich Killian as the mastermind of the attacks. Eventually, Stark defeated Killian, and was prompted to destroy all of his armors with the Clean Slate Protocol after almost losing Potts. However, when the Avengers were officially demobilized due to the War on HYDRA, Stark built more armors and resumed his role as Iron Man, aiding them in the capture of Baron Strucker and acquiring Loki's Scepter. Once the threat of HYDRA had been ended, at last, Stark, influenced by Scarlet Witch's visions, built Ultron with the help of Bruce Banner as a new peacekeeping A.I. to protect the world and allow the Avengers to retire. However, Ultron believed that humanity threatened the world and thus, according to his program, decided to extinguish humanity. Through the work of the Avengers, Ultron was defeated, however, not without massive civilian cost and many lives being lost during which Sokovia was elevated into the sky. After the Ultron Offensive, Stark retired from active duty, still haunted by his role in the chaos the A.I. created. The guilt of creating Ultron and causing so much destruction and loss of life eventually convinced Stark to support the Sokovia Accords. Stark was forced to lead a manhunt for his ally Captain America when the latter began protecting the fugitive Winter Soldier, igniting the Avengers Civil War. The result left the Avengers in complete disarray, especially after Stark learned of the Winter Soldier's role in his parents' deaths. Afterwards, Stark returned to New York to mentor and guide Spider-Man into becoming a better hero than he ever was, also becoming engaged with Potts in the process. In 2018, when Thanos and the Black Order invaded Earth in their conquest to acquire the six Infinity Stones, Stark, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man convened to battle Thanos on Titan with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy. When Stark was held at Thanos' mercy, Doctor Strange surrendered the Time Stone for Stark's life. After the Snap, Stark and Nebula remained the sole survivors on Titan. Stark and Nebula used the Benatar to escape Titan, but were stranded in space as the ship was damaged. They were rescued by Captain Marvel, who brought them back to Earth. In the five years after the Snap, Stark chose to retire from being Iron Man, marrying Potts and having a daughter, Morgan. When Stark devised a method to safely travel through time and space, he rejoined the Avengers in their mission to acquire the six Infinity Stones from the past in order to resurrect those killed by the Snap, and traveled back in time to retrieve the Scepter and regain the Tesseract. During the Battle of Earth, Stark sacrificed himself to eliminate an alternate version of Thanos and his army, who traveled through time to collect their Infinity Stones, saving the universe from decimation and leaving behind a legacy as one of Earth's most revered superheroes. Many people in the media thought that Tony Stark was only just an egocentric playboy. As an adult, he was renowned for being casually arrogant, apathetic, callous, and a hedonist who enjoyed the finer things in life, namely drinking, gambling, partying and flirting. His wealth, power, and natural charm allowing him to get just about any woman he wants. But despite his rather carefree and overly confident personality, inside Stark's heart lay loneliness, as Ho Yinsen aptly described him as: "A man that has everything, but has nothing." Even following his reformation and birth as Iron Man, this stigma surrounding Stark persisted as many were quick to point fingers at him believing his arrogance and callous attitudes were the cause of many problems even if he would have only a tenuous connection to the issue at hand. Before his kidnapping, Stark was a self-centered, arrogant person, caring for few people outside his closest friends. Even during this period of his life, he had a moral code believing the weapons he developed were being used exclusively by the United States and its allies for peaceful purposes, being appalled to discover that they were being sold on the black market. He also funded large humanitarian inventions and programs via his arms dealings, something he felt justified manufacturing weapons. During the following years, however, Stark matured, gradually becoming more of a team player and less arrogant and cynical. He even began opening up and having a real relationship with Pepper Potts. Stark's exploits as Iron Man have lead him to reevaluate his life, thus he now strives to use his inventions in a more responsible and considerate way. A textbook example of a Byronic hero, he never fully let go of his character flaws, however, using them to push him forward as a reminder to do better and often making self-deprecating jokes or comments. Despite this attitude, Stark is an exceptionally brave and selfless individual as shown when he single-handedly faced a near-omnipotent Thanos armed with nothing but a knife without hesitation, a trait that earned him the Titan's genuine respect as a hero. His experiences while imprisoned by the Ten Rings, especially his injury and seeing his weapons being used by terrorists, hardened Stark into a brave, determined, and somewhat ruthless fighter. Seeing first hand how innocent people were being harmed by his weapons and business while he remained ignorant greatly enraged him, resulting in him being uncaring in killing his foes, though he avoided doing so when he could. He was also willing to kill to protect his allies and friends, boldly saying he would kill Drax if Star-Lord killed Spider-Man. Despite this, he was not merciless, as he offered several of Aldrich Killian's men a chance to stand down, allowing the sole survivor to leave peacefully upon doing so. Even when confronted by Captain America's betrayal, he offered the man several chances to step aside. Even after starting a new life as a superhero, Stark kept his sense of humor and his penchant for showmanship, the latter being demonstrated in his armor's red and gold color schemes, and in revealing his identity in public despite being told not to. Tony has also shown a strong liking towards heavy metal and rock music groups like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Queen. He also shows signs of being a gearhead owning and modifying several expensive cars, having a particular liking towards the Audi R8 model line. Stark was also known for being exceptionally intelligent, innovative and resourceful, having built a miniaturized Arc Reactor from scratch in Afghanistan. His intellect earned him the "Da Vinci of Our Time" nickname, and his inventions of Stark Industries have revolutionized technology for mankind. His past as a businessman had turned him into a very pragmatic individual always taking the quickest, most efficient way out of a problem commenting to Captain America that he would simply "cut the wire" when given the scenario of laying on barbed wire to let others cross it. This behavior put him at odds with the majority of the Avengers during the Avengers Civil War, as they were unwilling to compromise and negotiate with the United Nations regarding the Sokovia Accords which Stark viewed as the easiest way to continue the Avengers' mission of saving people and appease the public's growing fear and unease regarding the team. As a result of this negotiator attitude, Tony was one of three Avengers to not become a fugitive by the end of the Civil War and allowed to continue saving people with the support of the United Nations. This pragmatism extended to his fighting style, as he was quick to shift over to weapons more suited to the situation or having F.R.I.D.A.Y. scan Captain America's fighting style for openings to predict and exploit. He further displayed his combative pragmatism during the Battle of Titan by first restraining the Infinity Gauntlet before unleashing an unrelenting barrage on Thanos. Stark could also be a reliable friend, and occasionally showed affection toward his teammates. Hence, Stark was the only Avenger who encouraged Bruce Banner to embrace his identity of Hulk as a blessing rather than a curse, and trusted him to make good use of Hulk's powers. He has also adopted a mentor role towards Peter Parker, seeing himself in the young hero, and helping him become better by designing an advanced Spider-Man Suit and quietly teasing him about his aunt May Parker, whom Stark considers attractive, Tony was in fact the only Avenger who believed in Parker and sought out his aid. When Tony was caught up by the terrifying vision of Scarlet Witch, he was possessed and haunted with great fear of losing all his fellow Avengers while he could have done something to save them, and having to live on after they had all been murdered, which was the primary motivator of him starting the Ultron Program. During the Avengers Civil War, however, Tony became distant and hardened towards his former teammates, especially Captain America, for their unwillingness to negotiate or hear the other side's arguments, though he still cared for them. When they fought in Siberia, Tony tried to avoid hurting Rogers, who aggressively protected Bucky Barnes, destroying Tony's arc reactor to do so. Both Stark and Rogers never fully lost their trust in each other, though when they reunited, Stark mercilessly held the rogue Avengers responsible for the schism that had divided the team and left Earth unprepared for Thanos, noting that they had ignored his warnings and obstructed his desire to prepare. Five years later however, Stark abandoned this attitude, noting that resentment was "corrosive" and not a feeling he enjoyed. After the Battle of New York, Stark developed a strong fear, that in this new world of "gods" and "aliens," he would be unable to protect the ones he loves, which induced him to become paranoid and full of anxiety, which, in turn, influenced Stark to build the first Iron Legion, and then the Ultron AI, so that the only threats against Earth were from Earth itself. His fear gave him something of a perfectionist personality and caused him to so intently focus on issues and problems that he unconsciously ignored other matters around him which led to a strain in his relationship with Pepper Potts and his somewhat negative reputation in the Avengers. Compared to his fellow Avengers, however, Tony was very forward-thinking, always seeing a "big picture," willing to take risks, compromise his morals and dabble in shades of gray to achieve results. As seen with the Sokovia Accords, Stark was willing to endure hardships in the present to build a better future. He was also confident of his ability to negotiate, a belief supported by him negotiating a deal that would have made the Capture of Winter Soldier legal, though he knew that this talent had its limits, expressing regret that he could do nothing to free the rogue Avengers from the Raft. This more nuanced behavior often put him at odds with his fellow Avengers, especially Captain America, who were content with the status quo. Combined with his unpredictability, some people such as Scarlet Witch thought he was destructive, with her believing that Ultron's inability to distinguish between saving the world and destroying it comes from Tony. During times of great stress and frustration, Stark could become very short-tempered and intolerant of those whom he considered his intellectual inferiors for delaying a solution to the problem either mocking/berating them or ignoring them entirely. This behavior extended to both allies and foes. Stark was much closer to his mother, Maria Stark, than to his father Howard with whom he had mixed feelings for, as he thought he was "cold and distant," which Nick Fury, however, claimed to be false. He still cared for him a great deal as he wished he could've said goodbye. While he was researching a new element for his Arc Reactor, Tony came across a message left by Howard, telling his son that his “greatest creation” was him. Though having learned more of Howard's flaws and shortcomings, Stark still retained lingering issues with his father using his parenting as an excuse for being such a strict mentor to Spider-Man. He was aware of this flaw, however, and consciously attempted to grow out of it. During the Time Heist, after talking with his alternate father Howard and realizing how difficult it was for Howard to raise him due to having an abusive father as well and having had experiences as a father, Tony finally came to reconcile with Howard and even shed his façade temporarily by hugging his father and saying that he loved him. Following the Avengers Civil War, Stark adapted into a new role: that of a mentor to the inexperienced superhero, Spider-Man. He connected with Parker due to the similarities between that of him and Stark, such as their love of science, technology, and heroic deeds, yet Stark was not blind to Spider-Man sharing some of his flaws and does his best to stop him from making the same mistakes Iron Man himself has made in the past. Like most mentors, Stark encourages Parker to be more forward-thinking and imaginative with his abilities while also being conscious of Peter's limitations and wanting to keep him out of fights he felt were too dangerous. Though he could come off as somewhat aloof and detached in his dealings with Spider-Man, this was all done with the intent of making Parker a better superhero than Tony ever was, and after the defeat of Vulture, Stark believed he had succeeded even going so far as to offer the young hero a spot in the Avengers. Some months later, their relationship had strengthened to the point that Stark was openly saddened by Parker's death upon Thanos' completion of the Infinity Gauntlet. Though considered a hobby, obsession or part of his itinerary, Stark considers the relationship between the Iron Man Suit and himself to be symbiotic, in that he and the suit himself are one. By the time of Aldrich Killian's terrorist attack, he had designed 42 variations of the armor as well as having stylized them with their own color designs, personalities, and names. He often referred to his suit as "he" when he was remotely controlling it with Potts and exclaimed when the suit's finger was pulled off, claiming it would hurt him. This is further supported during and after the Avengers Civil War whereupon the armors became incredibly streamlined and were designed to emulate a second skin. However, he does claim after the Clean Slate Protocol, that despite being without his suits he is still Iron Man. In spite of his love of the spotlight, the idea of a normal life intrigued Tony greatly as he made attempts to extradite himself from the Iron Man persona and indeed, prior to his involvement in the Infinity War, pondered the possibility of he and Pepper having children together. After the disastrous outcome of the Infinity War, Tony indeed decided to retire and marry Pepper, having a daughter called Morgan Stark. His familial life allowed Tony to find a sense of peace and contentment as a husband and father and this was the primary reason of his refusal to return to being a superhero when presented with a potential chance to undo it all but in the end his guilt over Parker's death allowed him to overcome this and he showed the same amount of selflessness as he had before, willingly sacrificing himself to kill Thanos and his whole army. Despite the agonizing pain he was subjected to as he died, he had accepted his fate, refusing aid and instead finding comfort in the presence of his friends and loved ones, dying with no regrets.

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