Tsubame Murota

Tsubame Murota
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Top Speed
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Stella Marie
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Top Speed, also known by her real name Tsubame Murota, is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project. Top Speed is a cheerful meddler and a junior Magical Girl. She used to be part of a biker gang called Empress. As a human, Tsubame has long braided chestnut-brown hair with brown eyes. Her bangs are clipped to the side, and also has a blue star clip at the bottom of her side-braid. As she is pregnant, she wears a blue and red plaid maternity dress with a yellowish-brown cardigan. She wears purple socks with black polka dots, and grey slip-on shoes with a red bow on the top. She also has small, star-shaped earrings. As a Magical Girl, Top Speed has long, light orange hair tied into two braids and has light blue slit pupil eyes. She also has four bobby pins on the left side of her hair in the shape of 2 x's. She wears a classic black witch outfit and a witch hat. Her cloak is an orange color with black stripes on the inside. Her witch hat is black, with white lace inside of it and two orange accents. Her dress has a black collar, with a red bow attached to it. It has short, unattached black sleeves on both sides. On her left arm she wears a long black glove, and on her right, she wears a purple gauntlet. She also wears a small birth charm. Her black boots go up to her thighs, and the boots have orange soles. In the anime adaptation, her look is still the same, only her cape is all orange on the inside, her hair is a darker orange, and on the inside of her hat is fluffier. She is lively and anxious and always seems to have positive thinking. In a way, she also has a motherly love towards those close to her. She is a peace maker, and tries to stop Ripple from doing risky things. She was worried when Ripple was districting. When Top Speed was chosen to be a magical girl, she wasn't very sure about being one for the sake of her child.

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