Toranosuke Yoshida Husbando

Toranosuke Yoshida
Original Name
吉田 寅之助
Romaji Name
Yoshida Toranosuke
Appears In
Persona 5
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
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Toranosuke Yoshida is a character from Persona 5. He is attempting to seriously enter Japan's political system in order to start changing the country, but is having difficulties doing so. As a politician, Yoshida demonstrates impressive speech-giving skills, though due to his past, he naturally suffers from self-esteem issues, especially when someone calls him by his dreaded nickname "No-Good Tora." However, rather than be angry by such slanders, he remains calm and level-headed, even when he is faced against nay-sayers. This becomes bolstered through the protagonist's encouragements, eventually able to overcome his self-esteem issues. As the Confidant progresses, Yoshida becomes more charismatic, eventually developing a sizable fanbase. He also holds no hostility towards Kuromoto, who was responsible for him being framed for embezzling funds, which surprises his old friends. Yoshida also holds a high opinion of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, showcasing an open mind and incredible insight: he correctly deduced that the Phantom Thieves were individuals who felt wronged by society in some way and seek to change it, even implying that they could be children. At the end of the Confidant, Yoshida reveals that he knows that the protagonist is a Phantom Thief himself, having discovered this through his mannerisms and responses.

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