Towa Higurashi

Towa Higurashi
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Higurashi Towa
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Kaede's village
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158.00 cm
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Towa Higurashi is the main protagonist and one of the titular characters in the anime series Hanyō no Yashahime. She is the firstborn daughter of Sesshōmaru and Rin and the elder fraternal twin sister of Setsuna. Upon being adopted in the modern era, she is the adoptive daughter and half-niece-in-law of Sōta Higurashi and Moe Higurashi and the adoptive older sister and half-cousin once removed of Mei Higurashi. At first, she has a rowdy personality and gets in fights at school. Towa despises bullies, seeing them as weak people who only target those weaker than themselves. She is very protective and caring toward her adoptive family, especially Mei, whom she sees as a substitute for Setsuna. Unlike her half-aunt Kagome, Towa is aware of the dangers of what having knowledge of the future in the past could bring. Hence she recovers the bicycle seat from Kagome's long-lost bike and refuses to leave behind the history textbook (especially afterOgigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo took interest in foreknowledge). Towa also considers something very minor, like the core of an apple from the future, to be dangerous if left behind, due to the fact that it's not a natural apple and had been treated with modern chemicals (which can alter the environment). Towa is aware of the more firmly established gender divisions in modern Japan, and the pressure to look and act more "feminine" occasionally irritates her. However, she has no interest in conforming to those standards, keeping her to never backing down from a fight. Her adoptive sister Mei is not very happy about this, mainly from concern about Towa getting into trouble and her belief that Towa would prefer not to have to fight. Towa indeed doesn't like fighting, having to hold back considerably to avoid breaking bones, damaging organs and outright killing humans from her strength. Towa is soft-hearted and refuses to kill others. Even with Mistress Three-Eyes, she could not bring herself to deliver the fatal blow. During the fight against Jakotsumaru and Tōkotsu, she felt sorry for Jakotsumaru, who had been defeated by Moroha. She also felt guilty about the three of them attacking Jakotsumaru and Tōkotsu, after which Setsuna angrily rebuts that the two had killed several humans for their bones. Setsuna and Moroha are annoyed several times by Towa's soft-heartedness, believing it will put them in danger. However, Towa doesn't have much of a problem with destroying un-dead creatures or minor demons; they are not sentient like humans. Much of this attitude appears to be due to Sōta's influence, whom she promised to not reveal her powers. Though, upon finding out that Homura was responsible for the fire that separated her from Setsuna, she was shown to be vengeful as she still wanted to take him down despite the demon self-combusting. When Setsuna was slain by Kirinmaru, Towa announced that Kirinmaru was her prey. Determined to avenge her sister, Towa awoke her full demonic abilities with the intention of bringing the beast king down. When Towa's past was exposed by Zero and Nanahoshi (but Zero didn't know that Kagome has a family), Towa becomes overwhelmed by rage at the two demons to the point where she ruthlessly slew the Eternity Bug and Nanahoshi without hesitation. Similar to that of her uncle, Towa becomes consumed by rage to the point that she would disregard the other matters when fighting an opponent such as her birth mother's intertwined fate to Zero or the advice from Riku and Setsuna. Due to growing up in the modern era, where there is a stable society that taught her to value and respect the lives of others, Towa was shocked by Kaede's casual indifference to whether Rin could still be alive after disappearing years ago; though she accepted this is due to the turbulent state of the Warring age the old woman lived in. She thus seeks to defeat evil without doing harm to humans. This goal is tested during a battle with the possessed monk Juan, but she succeeds after finding out that she can absorb yōki. Towa appears to be good at handling children, it resumed that they reminds her of her adoptive younger sister Mei, even the demon turtle child choose her to have a shell armor than Moroha because the kid was scared of her attitude. Like her mother, Towa has a lively personality, is more energetic, and playable, but after reuniting Setsuna, her aura has changed, and she is very protective of her, not even minding her attitude just to ask if she was okay. As mentioned by Kaede and Rion, Towa is a kind person. Much like her paternal half-uncle and as a half-dog demon, Towa exhibits some dog-like behaviors and instincts, such as lapping water from a stream with Setsuna and shaking her body free of water after a battle against Drifting Pond and Venom Serpent. Or running to Setsuna on all fours to make sure she's okay after the fight with Kyūki was over and laying her head on Setsuna's body when she was grieving. When in a kneeling position, she places her hands in front or on top of her knees in a similar manner to how a dog would sit. Sōta noted that her movements were remniscent of Inuyasha's. Due to being raised in the modern era, Towa refuses to inflict pain on anyone, including that of her enemies. This was pointed out by Setsuna when Towa had Tōtetsu read her expression from Moroha's sneak attack or from when Towa refused to cut her sister. Setsuna mentions that the naivete would eventually lead to her downfall; though ironically only lead to Setsuna's (albeit briefly). Following the reunion with her long lost sister, Towa felt deep guilt from the moment when she had accidentally let go of Setsuna's hand during the fire and believed that Setsuna's incapability to sleep was her fault. She became determined to locate the Dream Butterfly in order to restore her sister's lost dreams and memories. When Setsuna was slain by Kirinmaru, Towa felt like she was truly weak, leaving her sister unprotected, until her father Sesshōmaru offered his Tenseiga onto her, meaning that she could still save her by recreating her father's sword and restore Setsuna to life. As noted by Kohaku, Towa doesn't consider evasion as an option when fighting someone, which leads her vulnerable to an attack. This suggests that the incident from ten years ago has traumatized Towa to the point where she had mainly been using Setsuna as an excuse for her own weaknesses. This mindset was noted to be very dangerous by Riku who feared that Towa would end up on the same path as his madam, Zero. After Setsuna recovered her childhood memories and apologized to her elder twin, Towa was able to overcome the guilt that plagued her for 10 years. Towa is inexperienced when it comes to romance, but is well aware of the concept of liking someone. Despite this, she is shown to be easily flattered and flustered when someone makes romantic advances towards her, to the extent of leaving her blushing and speechless. Similar to her aunt Kagome, such romantic inclinations can make Towa clumsy and naive, as after Riku partially confessed his feelings for her, she trusted him so much that she gave him her Silver Pearl, only to regret it after she remembered he was Kirinmaru’s servant. Towa has been shown to take advantage when the opportunity arises. She decided to assist Moroha in one of her bounty hunts in order to get enough funds to hire someone to seek out the Dream Butterfly or from when she learnt of Riku's sensory connection to Kirinmaru, she sent a message through Riku towards the Great Demon. Towa also doesn't judge or discriminate against others because of their origins. Despite her sheer hatred of Kirinmaru for killing her sister, Towa doesn't bear any prejudice towards Rion for being his daughter or Riku for being one of his incarnations, still regarding them as friends.

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