Toxie Doxie

Toxie Doxie
Original Name
June Convington
Romaji Name
Appears In
Marvel Comics
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
61.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 17029
Like # 15629
Trash # 26721

Dr. June Covington, alias Toxie Doxie was an inmate in the secret containment center for the most dangerous and secret criminals. She had murdered eighteen people by inducing explosive cranial failure at a prayer meeting for special-needs children. Before she embarked upon a life of crime, June had once been a bored post grad working at a New York university, spending her nights watching box set DVD's. Then one night she met Edward Wynne, a brilliant biologist who was perfect in almost every way, save one slight birth defect in his left arm. June was fascinated with him and set to work trying to cure genetic imperfections. After a few failed experiments, and finally testing even on herself, she was able to perfect a human's genetic code. A year after meeting Edward, she approached him again, this time to present her gift to him. Edward rejected her and her methods and turned her in to campus police. In following of her arrest, her lab was shut down and she was forced off campus. Some time later, June approached Edward once more claiming she had changed her ways and was once more seeking his approval. She lured him to her old lab and injected a genetic plug-in which paralyzed his entire body, then sealed up the lab and left him to die in vengeance.

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