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Toya Setsuno
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Toya Setsuno is one of the Eight Bullets who works for Shie Hassaikai. __Appearance__ Toya is a tall and lean young man with light, almond-shaped eyes, their irises visibly small, with prominent dark circles around them. His hair is chin-length and a bright golden-blond color, worn parted to his left so that it obscures his right eye. He has a wide mouth with particularly straight teeth and thin eyebrows that are usually pointed upwards, these, and the notable wideness of his eyes, giving him a permanently crazed look. __Personality__ Toya is a very fanatic and outspoken man, possibly as a result of the tragic events that happened in his past. The fact that Toya once attempted to commit suicide points to him being mentally unstable and unable to move on. Toya, as well as the other members of the Eight Bullets, are all hopeless people who have lost their dignity and no longer see any purpose in continuing to live; thus they are completely devoted to Shie Hassaikai and are not afraid of giving away their lives for the group. Toya believes that their status as "human garbage" is what allowed them to form a strong friendship that tied them all together.

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