Tsubasa Kamii

Tsubasa Kamii
Original Name
紙衣 つばさ
Romaji Name
Kamii Tsubasa
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 10976
Like # 10258
Trash # 13386

Tsubasa has long, light colored hair which reaches down to her waist. It's left mostly loose but some of it is tied back with a hair ornament in the shape of a butterfly surrounded by leafs. Her eyes are a pale blue and her skin appears fair. She wears a customized Hope's Peak uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, a standard red bow, and a dark blue skirt. Additionally, she wears black, thigh high stockings and a low cut, caramel colored cardigan. Her shoe wear are typical school shoes. Not much about Tsubasa's personality is known, though she appears to a polite young lady, and in her character design notes she is portrayed with a gentle smile. When faced with her classmates fighting, she brings her hands close to her mouth in shock and bears a worried expression. She can be heard audibly gasping when Ryōta Someya picks up a shotgun. She did not appear to fear death while setting up a suicide with Tarō, even appearing to consider dying together beautiful in a way, but is shown horrified at his death and calling out in pain as she is murdered by Sōsuke.

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