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Tsukasa Shishio
Original Name
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Shishiō Tsukasa
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 10th 2001
195.00 cm
99.00 kg
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Tsukasa Shishio is the former primary antagonist of Dr. Stone. He was the antagonist of the first several arcs, his goal being to thin out the human population in order to create a new world without modern technology for the pure-hearted youth. Despite his claims that no threat would come after Senku and Taiju, which proved ironic, Tsukasa became one of the biggest obstacles to Senku's Kingdom of Science and restoring humanity as a whole in general. In order to fight and prevent Senku from establishing a scientifically advanced civilization, he goes on to found his own society comprised of strong warriors to further his agenda. Eventually coming to a stalemate, he forms a temporary truce with Senku after the latter proposed to save his sister and, having reaffirmed his promise to never again let Senku be harmed, ultimately defeats the traitorous Hyoga along with him. After his life was saved by Senku by de-petrifying him from his cryogenic state, Tsukasa joins the Kingdom of Science and embarks with them on their trip to the United States, channeling his ideals differently - yet still striving for a morally pure world without exploitation of the innocent. Tsukasa is a very tall and muscular young man with wild, brown hair that he has been growing since childhood with bits of stone near the ends, and pale skin. He has an androgynous face and is stated to be handsome by Minami Hokutozai, though he often wears an intimidating frown on his face. His height is 195 cm. He has three stone markings: one across his face that cuts across his right eye, another etched deep into his left one from the corner of his eyelid all the way down across his nose and ends at the bottom of his jaw on the right, and the third being stretched across from his left shoulder over his chest and stopping at his upper abdomen. After years of MMA fighting, Tsukasa gained permanently swollen knuckles on his index, middle and ring fingers. His initial outfit is a crude red yukata and cloak made from a lion that he killed to protect Senku and Taiju. He used its pelt as a coat that he wore around or draped across his shoulders. He wears no shoes. Once he meets Senku after a year after believing he had killed him, he wears a cream pelt shirt with his torn yukata as a skirt. After being revived from cryosleep, Tsukasa's scars are removed and replaced with hand-drawn ones. While traveling the Amazon Rainforest, Tsukasa wore rubber boots, then replaced them with sack-like shoes similar to Senku's original ones after he was revived. Tsukasa is essentially violent, but extremely careful and aware of his actions. He is a very kind, thoughtful, and polite man outside of his pessimistic ideals towards humanity. He offers help in the beginning to Senku and Taiju after they revive him and becomes their hunter for food, using his skills as a prominent athlete to aid them. It’s revealed later that Tsukasa plans to purge humanity and thinks Senku will go along with him, but instead Senku rejects him. After this point, Tsukasa becomes fairly determined in carrying out his plans even to the point of leaving their group. He’s confessed to Senku that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, though in the latter half of the story, it’s revealed that Tsukasa loves his sister Mirai more than anything in the world and that is where his resilience comes from, so he can save her. He also reveals that Senku could’ve been his first friend pre-petrification, to which Senku agrees. From this angle, we can assume Tsukasa shuts himself off from others and only focuses on saving his sister. He’s naturally withdrawn outside of his goals. He tends to hate humans who control and manipulate others. By his actions, it is possible to assume that Tsukasa hates any hierarchy or practice of power. His goal is to create a society without technological advancement and he uses any means to achieve that objective; creating his own empire modeled on his narrow views of humanity. More specifically, a world without addictive drugs, guns and nuclear and chemical weapons. Though to note, there are many points in the story that explore Tsukasa's aggressive behavior. One instance is when he first breaks a stone statue and shows no remorse, continuing to crush more in his wake. He particularly goes after older adults and elderly people, but specifically leaves children alone. This can be related to his personal background and history of being assaulted and abused by those in authority. He also ends up taking Yuzuriha hostage in order to gain the Revival Formula. Tsukasa also by no means wants to resort to fighting or killing, but will do so if he feels pressured or his vision for humanity is at stake. This is seen when he ended up killing Senku after sharing a tender moment of wishing they could've met 3,700 years earlier. Tsukasa has a code of respect which he abides by. He claims that even when killed in self-defense, a lion's meat should not be put to waste, thereby respecting it and the cycle of life.[18] He also has no intention of making anyone suffer, and when forced to kill, he kills as quickly and painlessly as possible. Since his second revival, Tsukasa has mellowed out. Now loyal to the Kingdom of Science. Tsukasa forgives his former faction for turning on him. He even respects Ryusui a bit, having eavesdropped on the man's explanation on how he sees money as not a way to control humans, but a small factor in helping bring together others to bring out the best in humanity. On the voyage to the United States, he explained that his new role in the Kingdom of Science is, upon everyone's revival, to prevent the corruption that he once tried to destroy at the source from tainting the world of science that Senku will build.

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