Tsukasa Yuzaki

Tsukasa Yuzaki
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April 3rd
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Tsukasa Yuzaki (née Tsukuyomi) is the titular heroine of the series. She is the wife of Nasa Yuuzaki and his savior. Often described as beautiful, Tsukasa has long pink hair with a clasp on the back and pink/red eyes. She mostly wears elegant clothing and a skirt. While at home she is typically seen wearing modern clothing. During the trip to Kyoto, she wore a floral Yukata. Her signature outfit is a simple long sleeve white shirt, a mini black skirt, and pink socks. When she sleeps she wears a long sleeves pink shirt and pajamas with a purple stripe at the bottom of her leg sleeve. She also puts her hair in two buns. At first, Tsukasa appears to act very cool, calm, and level-headed; seemingly unsurprised by Nasa's rash and illogical actions. Despite this, she agreed to marry Nasa and does love him very dearly. As they get to know each other, she starts to display more emotions than simply acting calm; she gets embarrassed very easily whenever Nasa proclaims his love for her and how cute she is. Tsukasa also seems to get jealous at times, like when Nasa talked about how cute Aya was. While she acts indifferent towards Chitose (despite her family taking her in), she does end up developing an understanding relationship with Kaname Arisugawa. Tsukasa's most prominent trait, however, is her genuine kindness. Like Nasa, she is also a kind, helpful person and cares for others. One characteristic she has is her huge love for movies, games, and pop-culture in general, so much so that she was quite saddened by the fact that her and Nasa's apartment didn't have a TV. She also seems to have a wide range of knowledge concerning aspects of Japanese history. This includes how to handle a Katana properly and information regarding various locations and landmarks. Tsukasa talks about such things as if she had experienced them herself but never elaborates. She also appears to have some connection with the moon as her grand-aunt, Tokiko, borrowed a moonstone to help "ease her". She is also immortal and trying to be a normal human again.

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