Tsuki Uzaki

Tsuki Uzaki
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Tsuki Uzaki is the mother of the title character of the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! series, Hana Uzaki. Tsuki is a fair-skinned woman with silver hair that reaches her upper back that is usually tied in a side ponytail over her right shoulder. She is below average height, and while 43 years old, she looks deceptively young and beautiful. Like her daughter, she is curvaceous in frame with a very ample bosom. She has blue eyes, but they're rarely seen as she normally keeps them squinted, only being seen in moments when she is surprised. Unlike her daughter, Tsuki is a gentle person. Her first impression of Shinichi is that he is "scary". Sakurai's perception of Tsuki changes several times, but her first impression of him remains the same. After several misunderstandings, she thought, "Sakurai and my daughter have an unusual relationship," and "Sakurai likes mature women and is aiming for my body," among other misunderstandings. She doesn't seem aware of it, but she's quite overprotective. When she hears from her daughter, "I stayed in the house of the man (Sakurai)", she grabs her cheeks and worries about her. Tsuki's personality is not frivolous, as she usually internally likes giving harsh or cynical comments about other people. Contrary to this, she does her best to take care of her children, even though she has to deal with many misunderstandings because of her active imagination. Presumably, Tsuki has a very sexually active and lewd imagination, as she almost always misunderstands the situations of Shinichi and Hana's relationship. She interprets them in a sexual way because of her internal fears (possibly fetishes) and the enormous overprotectiveness of her children (including Yanagi).

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