U-Olga Marie

U-Olga Marie
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Urutora-Oruga Marī
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U-Olga Marie, Class Name Beast VII, is a Beast-class Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order. After the sabotage of the Fantasy Tree she was supposed to take over, for unknown reasons she ends up assuming the appearance of Chaldea's former director, Olga Marie. She is usually seen wearing a bizarre attire, consisting of a fur-trimmed cloak with a grey hooded cape, a multitude of ribbons and streamers, two cylinder arm bands and a giant crown. She also has a single small golden horn growing out of the right side of her forehead and two silver metal horns floating around her head. Most of her clothes are floating in mid-air, such as the bands around her arms and the two metal "horns". Having acquired a vessel, she considers herself the planet's supreme existence to the point of calling herself the Sovereign of Earth. She sees humans as primitive beings, expressing annoyance when she sees they aren't kneeling before her, asking if isn't one of the Earth's principles that mankind should fear and serve their gods.

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