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Ukina (憂那, Ukina) was the human lover of Yoshimura, and Eto's mother. She worked as a waitress in a cafe, but was secretly an undercover Investigative Journalist chasing the Ghoul organization V. Eventually, she was found out and murdered to safeguard their secrets. Ukina was an attractive young woman of slight build, with a warm demeanor. She wore her sandy blonde hair in a chin-length bob, with short bangs and sidepieces that framed her face. Ukina was a kind, outgoing woman who had a unique sensibility and curiosity. Despite her cheerful persona, she also possessed a sharp intuition which allowed her to see through other people and their facade. During her time with Yoshimura, she showed strong maternal instincts as she forced herself to eat human meat in order for their child to stay alive when she was pregnant. However, according to Eto through reading her mother's journal, Ukina was duplicitous in her undertakings since she apparently became Kuzen's lover to discover the secrets of the Ghoul secret society V. She apparently chose to birth Eto considering her only a necessity to her permanent love affair to Kuzen.

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