Ukyo Saionji Husbando

Ukyo Saionji
Original Name
Romaji Name
Saionji Ukyō
Place of Origin
Ehime Prefecture
Date of Birth
June 5th 1994
173.00 cm
63.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 13121
Like # 13071
Trash # 11114

Ukyo Saionji is a modern-day survivor who was revived by Tsukasa Shishio. He is one of the Five Wise Commanders of the Kingdom of Science. He always proposes the use of nonviolence, but will relent if not possible. Because of this, he will push to use Gen's mentalist trickery. Ukyo is in charge of intel gathering and security. Built similarly to Senku, Ukyo is a slim, yet toned young man of average height, with short, white hair and blue eyes. He has round, boyish facial features and often sports a laid-back look on his face. He wears a long, baggy orange top with a loose turtleneck and is rarely seen without his signature, matching paper cap. He's always carrying a bow and quiver on his back, the sling of which features decorative fur of some kind. He wears long, fitted khaki trousers and distinctively-pointed brown loafers. Like most modern timers, he has a petrification scar on his body but it is unknown where. He later recreates his unknown scar as a sign of loyalty to Senku. He is pacifistic and dislikes needless bloodshed. While he initially joined Tsukasa's empire as he believed it to be the only way of survival and looked away from Tsukasa's breaking of statues (which is the equivalent of murder), he chose to side with Senku and his Kingdom of Science under the condition that not a single life would be lost. When Senku fulfills his promise, Ukyo fully sides with the Kingdom of Science. He is notably intelligent, managing to quickly deduce that the Lillian talking over the telephone was Gen in disguise and managing to keep Senku's allies alive while they were in the Tsukasa Empire without alerting Tsukasa's suspicions. He also prefers to use his archery to corner his opponents rather than outright murder them though may be willing to murder if forced to.

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