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Uma is the King of the Minotaurs. She is the Monkey King's sworn "brother" and an extremely powerful fighter. After her battle with Lee Sujin, Uma had lost her physical body but became apart of Baek Seung-Chul as his Charyeok. King Uma is very tall, easily standing 8 feet tall, dwarfing many characters in size. She had an athletic build, but a distinctly feminine appearance. She sports a very large bust, which she unabashedly shows off (along with the rest of her body) with her choice of clothing. She also had very large horns which is a source of affection from the other minotaurs. Her current appearance is not in fact not her true form, but her body after her powers were sealed. In her true form, the previously two straight small horns are now massive in size rivaling the size of her two now larger curvier horns. She is even larger in body size, easily being 30 feet, with chains dangling from her extremities. King Uma is seen to be playful (In the past, she and the Monkey King would cause a lot of mischief.) but can also be serious and stubborn when business called for it. She is not afraid of using force to dispose of problems while doing so in a somewhat silly way. Despite this, she is still considered a good ruler, willing to risk her life to protect her people against the Heavenly Princes. Uma is praised for her beauty from her male guards, which in reality is their lustfulness towards her giant horns. Uma becomes timid whenever someone comments that she is beautiful without her horns. Otherwise, she is rather cocky, and more than willing to show off her skills. Uma seems to be very cautious as well, as she puts a lot of value in trust and does not trust others too easily. Even though Seung-Chul complimented her beauty, she was not willing to believe him regarding the Monkey King's arrival. She also felt somewhat hurt and betrayed when the Monkey King suddenly vanished years ago without telling her. The King of Oxen stated that while she seems foolish, that she is decisive and does not hesitate with her decisions.

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