Uruka Minami

Uruka Minami
Original Name
三波 麗花
Romaji Name
Appears In
Tokyo Ghoul
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 33205
Like # 31875
Trash # 33654

Uruka Minami is the main antagonist of Tokyo Ghoul: Jack. She is a ghoul and an infamous serial killer who went by the alias of Lantern and is the classmate of both Taishi Fura and Kishou Arima. She is a 2nd year high school student. Uruka Minami had the appearance of a teenager girl with long brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a typical high school uniform for girls consisting of a white shirt with a red and pink-striped tie and a blue skirt along with black socks and shoes. She was heavily admired by many of her fellow students for her charming good looks. When in her Lantern persona. she dons a Jack-O-Lantern mask with red eyes and wears a large white tenchcoat with grey pants and white gloves to cover her entire body.

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