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Velouria is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Fates and the daughter of Keaton. Velouria is moody, fluctuating on a whim and has a wicked tongue when annoyed. Her mood can be difficult to read and does not express her emotions visually in an obvious manner, but will make her desires known vocally if pushed. She can be lazy, and is uninterested in other people, but will instantly perk up if an opportunity to collect trinkets are involved. If she covets something and is denied, she can act cold or ruthless in her pursuit to acquire it, sometimes even attacking the perpetrator. She has many natural Wolfskin traits such as cannibalistic attitudes, ferocity in battle, and is a forager, eating just about anything she comes across no matter how old the item may be. She also has a keen sense of smell, even when compared to most other Wolfskin She is particularly fond of her parents though. She is clingy to Keaton and when he tries to have her tone it down by putting a restraining order, she claims that it is "as worse as death for her". Nonetheless, she knows how to butter up to Keaton by presenting a few interesting things she finds. She loves her mother, particularly her flowery scent, and initially wants her to leave the war so she will have more opportunities afterward to spend with her as it is Wolfskin tradition to leave one's parents after reaching a certain age. The two develop a mutual understanding of staying in the war and she takes every opportunity to cuddle with her mother during downtime between battles. Velouria shares many traits with her father, particularly in her habits of collecting random items, amassing a large "treasure trove", but also resulting in the messiest room in the army. From random plant items, animal carcasses, fur balls, and plain garbage, she hoards anything she finds interesting, particularly to show off to Keaton. .

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