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Veronica is a major character in Fire Emblem Heroes, debuting as the main antagonist of Book I. She is a young princess of the Emblian Empire. She aims to destroy the Kingdom of Askr by manipulating heroes from other worlds. Her personal tome is named Élivágar. Though bent on fulfilling her father's former dream, Veronica carries a certain loneliness inside. This is most evident in Xenologue 1, when she orders her heroes to retreat because she does not want to be alone again. She also seems to be childish, becoming frustrated at Kiran's many victories, as well as having tea parties. She enjoys the company of Bruno (who is later revealed to be her older brother) and follows what he says. She also shares a strong bond with Xander, who serves as both her guardian and mentor during the first two Books of Heroes. Such childish behavior is accompanied by a penchant for violence, as both the story and the Brave Hero version threaten others to "pop their head right off...." However, this violence can be somewhat attributed to the cursed blood of the Emblian royal family, as she reveals to Bruno that she sometimes hears a voice that tells her to kill, after which she wants to do as it says. Despite her usual attitude and behavior, Veronica seems to possess some capacity of compassion and mercy. This is seen throughout Book II, where she tries to intervene when Surtr attempts to burn down an Askran village in order to kill all of its inhabitants, since she does seek the destruction of Askr, but wants to achieve said goal by conquering the land and it's people, instead of Surtr's outright annihilation. This eventually leads to selflessness when she so chooses. Such is the case in Chapter 8 when she willingly leaves with Surtr and Loki in order to save an injured Xander's life. Her Brave Hero variation displays Veronica in a different light. She is extremely soft spoken and serious, but still deeply cares about Bruno. While she seems to be aware of her story version's actions, she bears no ill will to both Kiran and the Askran Trio. She does have a slight ruthless streak, but it comes out solely when she vows to kill people who threaten Kiran.

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