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Victor von Doom
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Marvel Comics
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187.96 cm
102.00 kg
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Victor von Doom was born into a tribe of Latverian Romani people. His mother was a sorceress who died by the hand of Mephisto. After his mother died he was forced to flee his tribe with his father, who died from exposure to the cold shortly after. Doom returned to the camp and discovered his mother's occult instruments and combined sorcery and technology to create weapons to protect his tribe. This caught the attention of Empire State University and he was offered the chance to leave his homeland behind and study in the United States. While he attended the university Doom built a machine intended to let him speak with his dead mother, however his roommate and future rival Reed Richards warned him it would fail. Once Doom tried to use the machine it caused an explosion that heavily scarred his face and led to the university expelling him. Doom was later recruited by monks and quickly mastered all their teachings in sorcery and technology. He then forged his suit of armor and began to go by Doctor Doom. The first thing he did as Doctor Doom was start a revolution in Latveria to become their new monarch. Now, Doctor Doom always seeks out any more power he could possibly have to save his mother's soul from Mephisto and improve the world. He shows up as the villain of the Fantastic Four very frequently and the villain of other heroes occasionally, but always sides with the heroes whenever he believes his help is needed to save the planet.

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