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Victoria is a member of Shadow Garden, being one of the Numbers under the codename No. 559 with abilities said to rival the "Seven Shadows". Before joining the organization, she was known as the "Saint" and the former leader of the Templars. She is also a member of Zeta's secret sub-faction. Victoria is a rather statuesque woman, standing nearly as tall as Cid was in his previous life, and towering over 664, 665, and 666. She has long strawberry blonde (pink in the anime) hair that reaches below her hips and covers her left eye. Victoria's face is described as a beautiful good-looking girl, even Rose Oriana describes her beauty as a goddess. Her face normally bears a cold expression with her eyes being lifeless, unless in the presence of Cid and she will suddenly become highly expressive and attentive. In terms of attire, she wears a unique version of the Shadow Garden standard Slime Bodysuit with a short torn cape on her back and a large shoulder pauldron, giving her an overall more armored look than regular members. A strap continues from the pauldron to her right shoulder and connects to her cape. Her pauldron has several belt straps dangling over her cape, each strap measured at her arm's length. Her attire has a frilled neckline at the collar, dress with a opening at the bust that ends in a tattered material, while there are more belt straps coming from her abdominal section. Her leg are a standard Bodysuit design but with long thigh high boots, or stockings given the clip-on straps, with a pattern at the top then again at her lower legs in a V shape edging, and with short heeled soles. She is also adorned with a veil on the temples of her head, held there by a tiara giving her the alluded appearance of having horns. In the light novel, these horns are depicted as floating just off the tiara only connected by stands of slime from the bodysuit. While in the manga, the horns are solid in design, more like a one-piece item. In the anime, although brief, her tiara appears to be a one-piece item as well with the horns intact. Due to her tragic past, Victoria usually holds a cold and intimidating demeanor, except in the presence of Shadow or the Seven Shadows. She harbors an absolute hatred towards the Cult of Diablos and is dedicated to Shadow Garden's mission of destroying them by all possible means, to the point that she very ruthlessly killing those who she believes to be their enemies without hesitation or remorse and being unconcerned about the safety of innocent people. To this end, she would eliminate anyone she deemed unworthy to be by her master side, no matter who it was, even her fellow Shadow Garden' members as she has shown to be strict toward her subordinates, scolding and even branding them as "traitors" should they deviate from their mission. However, Victoria is not without faults. She is headstrong and reckless, at times charging into battle without any strategy. This is further supported by her having communication problems, not even bothering to explain mission objectives to her subordinates. But the truth is that Victoria is a spoiled girl, where she acts like one when she is with her master, Shadow, and has a special request to him. Evidently, she would make her cute face and grab the sleeve of Shadow's coat, also make an dissatisfied expression and kept tugging at his coat sleeve when her request was rejected by Shadow. However, when her wish was granted, her eyes would light up with joy. Similar to the members of the Seven Shadows, Victoria utterly adores Shadow. In his presence, the usual cold demeanor immediately disappears and is replaced with that of a love-struck yandere. On the other hand, her adoration causes her to be jealous of others. For example, her needless cruelty towards 666, who she considers unworthy of her lord's attention. She also desperately wishes to rise through the ranks of Shadow Garden and become a member of the Seven Shadows so she can get closer to Shadow. In the past, Victoria was noted to be a far kinder and more naive person like an innocent and gentle girl, who she even could not kill a fly. When she used to be leading the Templars, Victoria showing great care for her subordinates although she retained a pleasant, saint-like demeanor at nearly all times where it be during battle when Victoria talking about purging heretics and declaring Shadow Garden as a heretical organization that must be cleansed. However, after everyone she once trusted betrayed her following her Demonic Possession, she lost her faith until she was saved by Shadow, resulting in her current personality.

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