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Fate/Extra CCC
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Date of Birth
April 11th
182.00 cm
64.00 kg
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Violet is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incident of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. She later forms a contract with Shinji Matou, albeit an unofficial one. Violet is the "Alter Ego of purity", and that purity is one that takes the form of affection. Her motif is a desire to monopolize, loving someone under a cold exterior while still being taciturn, cruel, and wanting nothing more than to be in complete dominance. She does her utmost to keep the urge of chaining down both her companion and herself hidden from others, but it is a fact evident to all around her. The fact that she gave herself the simple name "Violet" is further proof that she is not interested in playing games unlike the other Alter Egos. She does not show a wide range of expression in her actions and words due to her purity, but it does not mean that she is not somewhat interested in Hakuno Kishinami. She does wish to monopolize them at the very least, seeking a "pure and proper companionship." It could be said that she is in charge of safeguarding morals on the Far Side.

bangs fair skin glasses hair ribbon large breasts lipstick makeup ponytail purple hair taciturn thin eyebrows very long hair knee-length hair
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