Walhart Husbando

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Walhart is the emperor of Valm, the continent west of Ylisse, uniting the continent by force. Two years after the defeat of Gangrel, Walhart has all but completed his conquest of Valm. During this conquest he took over Rosanne, leading Virion and Cherche to flee Valm to seek aid from Ylisse and Ferox. Walhart also attacked and took over Chon'sin, killing the parents of Yen'fay and Say'ri. He took the green Gemstone, Vert, and brought it to Valm Castle. After Say'ri left Chon'sin to oppose Walhart, Yen'fay offered to ally Chon'sin with Valm as long as Walhart did not kill Say'ri. Walhart in turn made Yen'fay into one of his generals. With all of Valm under his control, Walhart decided it was time to invade the continent of Ylisse. However, his vanguard that landed in Port Ferox were devastated against the combined forces of Ylisse and Ferox. He sends hundreds of men to fight then in hopes of stopping their advance, but they fail and the combined forces continue to march towards Valm. After Chrom and his forces seize Fort Steiger, Walhart attacks from the north while Yen'fay attacks from the south. Faced with a dilemma, Chrom decides to deal with Yen'fay's forces first, while Basilio and Flavia go north with a small group of soldiers to stall Walhart and his men. Upon reaching the battlefield, Basilio and Flavia notice that Walhart is single-handedly destroying their group. Walhart challenges Basilio and the two fight. The two land blows on each other. Walhart is impressed at Basilio's durability, commenting that he was the second person to survive a consecutive blow from him, the first being Yen'fay. He attempts to finish Basilio off, but Flavia parries his attack and the West Khan lands a powerful blow on the Conqueror, but Walhart survives and finishes him off.

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