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Waluigi is a recurring character found in the Mario series who was made to rival Luigi. Waluigi mainly appeared in spin-off games such as Mario Tennis and Mario Party 3. Waluigi is known to be Wario's partner ever since Waluigi made his first appearance in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 and was voiced by the late Takeshi Aono, later Akira Ishida in Japanese version and Charles Martinet in English version ever since. Waluigi also appeared along with Wario and Luigi in Super Mario Advance games as a palette swap of Mario. He has also appeared in every Mario Party game since Mario Party 3 came out in 2001. The details of Waluigi's past are unclear since he has no confirmed background, although he was evidently been antagonizing the Mario Bros., especially Luigi, for quite some time before his debut as seen in the opening of Mario Tennis, where he and Luigi confront each other. Originally, Waluigi was established as Wario's younger brother. However, Mario Super Sluggers depicted them as friends in 2008, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games stated they were unrelated in 2009. Charles Martinet describes them as "two nice, evil guys who found each other", leaving their contemporary relationship ambiguous. Waluigi is a tall man with a narrow face and a pointy, thin mustache. Waluigi wears a purple shirt and navy blue overalls. He wears a purple cap with the "Γ" symbol; it is mirror to Luigi's "L". Waluigi is personified as a comic relief character and a boastful, ill-tempered foil to the more humble and gentle Luigi. He has bad chemistry with most other characters besides Wario, and is an openly rude and mean-spirited troublemaker. He has a perpetual scowl and is quick to anger, with earlier bios stating that he dislikes others being happy. In his one outing as a central antagonist in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, Waluigi claims that his reason for obtaining the Music Keys is to be the best dancer in the world, while bragging about using his power to spread chaos and control "the masses". In Mario Tennis Aces, Waluigi points out that his and Wario's reasons for attaining Lucien was so that they could become the best tennis players in the world. Waluigi's original bio in Mario Tennis also pointed out that he seeked to become as popular and as beloved as the Mario Brothers. His victory celebrations often highlight his self-aggrandizing nature and vanity, and occasionally contain vulgar elements as well, such as in Super Mario Strikers where one of his victory animations involve him performing a pelvic thrust. In the Mario Party series except for Mario Party 3, Waluigi abandons his arrogance to play fairly against his opponents; this is also the case for Wario. However, his victory animations still depict him as somewhat of a boastful character, due to him ranting about "being a superstar." However, despite his overconfidence, Waluigi is also characterized by the great amount of self-pity he displays at other times. According to his voice actor Charles Martinet, Waluigi feels that good things are always happening to others and not to him, causing him great frustration. Martinet considers his self-pity to be "the cornerstone of Waluigi's character", such as how he constantly points out his own disadvantages and is quick to attribute his losses to his opponents cheating, while hypocritically taking pride in his own cheating. While Waluigi has many unsavory characteristics and appears aggressive at times, Martinet has nevertheless stated that he prefers to play up Waluigi's more conceited and self-pitying traits, as he feels that direct hostility is unfitting for Mario villains. In Mario Super Sluggers, Waluigi shows a bit more sportsmanship; after his scout mission is cleared, he subtly states the gang cheated but commends them for their sneakiness, and congratulates them when they beat the Wario Muscles in a ball game along with accepting the player's decline for one. As a comic relief character, he is often given comical and nonsensical animations, often displaying very poor sportsmanship, being quick to taunt his opponents and cheer for himself, while at the same time scowling in resentment for any progress made by his opponents. In Wario's Warehouse, Wario often portrays Waluigi as extremely stupid, often making idiotic and foolish decisions. However, this contrasts with most of his other descriptions which depict him as the more cunning of the two. According to the trophy description in Super Smash Bros Melee, he also puts a lot of effort into his antagonistic schemes, although in the end, he never manages to succeed against his rivals. In Super Mario Odyssey, the Waluigi Suit's description claims "This outfit makes you want to lurk in the shadows, waiting for a turn in the spotlight.", either further defining Waluigi to be envious of the Mario Bros, or a likely reference to Waluigi never being a major, or important character. The Waluigi hat's description also says "It's rarely worn", likely alluding to Waluigi's few and insignificant appearances. Waluigi has been shown as quite secretive about his personal life and has demonstrated a more cynical and skeptical point of view compared to the other characters, as even his oldest descriptions mentioned his egotism and his outsider status in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, recent games have played up Waluigi's hardworking and less malicious personality traits, as shown in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games when he sardonically warns the player that people will not cheer on them forever just because they win medals, and in Mario Golf: World Tour when he interacts with the player character to either tell them to not let their victory get to their heads, or that they should be honest with themselves and happy because they earned it. Additionally, he remarks that his favorite thing to do in between rounds is just to relax and have fun.

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