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Weather Report
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Weather was originally born to the wealthy Pucci family, the younger of mixed fraternal twins.
Date of Birth
June 5th 1972
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Weather Report, real name Wes Bluemarine, born Domenico Pucci, is a major ally featured in Stone Ocean. An amnesiac at his introduction, Weather Report is a fellow inmate who seeks his memory and allies himself with Jolyne Cujoh. It is revealed that he is Enrico Pucci's fraternal twinW. Weather is a Stand User controlling the surrounding atmosphere through his ability, which is also named Weather Report(True Form is Heavy Weather). Weather Report is a man of above-average height and medium to athletic build. He commonly wears a light, flat-topped buffalo hat (a fur hat with two short horns at its front), and a dark bodysuit. While deprived of his memories, Weather was mellow and eccentric. He would boldly stand a few inches next to Jolyne's face to get her attention rather than call her name and usually walks on his toes. He was trustworthy and compassionate, rescuing those in need without caring for his own safety. Unless someone he knew was in danger, Weather hardly panicked. Weather was also described as having a strong sense of justice, describing the worst injustice as "evil that does not know it is evil". Upon the return of his memories, he reveals his sinister colors. While still retaining his previous passion for his friends, he is not afraid to flaunt his powers for his own amusement. Weather smiles when he shocks unsuspecting victims or even skips in joy amongst his hazardous rainbows, his newer personality frightening even Anasui. His melancholy over his memories soon consumes him and drives him to settle things with his twin brother.

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