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Welf Crozzo
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Welf Crozzo is a straightforward and honest person. He is generally casual to everyone that he associates with, asking Bell to call him by name and without honorifics the first time they met. He doesn't like to be associated with his family name, preferring to not be a part of the conversation when his name is brought up and even refuses people that come to him seeking magic swords. Welf holds a deep hatred for magic swords, considering them to be objects that rot the user, as they would always break away and leave the user behind. However, after the battle against the Black Goliath on the 18th Floor, his hatred lessens somewhat, though he still refuses to make magic swords for anyone other than members of his own Familia. Welf holds a lot of pride in his work. He refuses to let Bell wear armor not forged by his own hands and desires to surpass Hephaestus without using his ability to make magic swords, wishing to prove that he is his own man. While not arrogant, he did let the title of High Smith get to his head for a time, which Tsubaki coldly pointed out when she easily split a shortsword he had made. Despite making works of good quality, Welf tends to give them poor names, though he doesn't realize it, and gets disappointed when the recipient chooses something else. Both Bell and Mikoto have each fiercely pleaded with him to give their weapons a better name (the Ushiwakamaru and Kotetsu were to be called Minotan and Shimajirou, respectively). Despite leaving the Hephaestus Familia, he is thankful for everything that Hephaestus has done for him, telling her that he would always remember what she had taught him.

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