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Wiz is a major supporting character in the KonoSuba series. She is a former adventurer referred to as the Ice Witch who retired after becoming a lich and a General of the Devil King's Army, opening a "famous" magic item shop in Axel. Wiz is a lovely and well-endowed woman in her early 20s with fair skin and a curvaceous figure. She has brown eyes and straight brown hair reaching down to the front of her shoulders, further behind her back and slightly curling at the tips. Her fringe sometimes covers her right eye. Wiz also possesses a single ahoge that arcs off the top of her head. Wiz's color theme is purple. She usually wears a light purple long dress under a dark purple hooded gambeson robe with golden props, and dark-purple boots. Over her robe, Wiz uses a golden cross brooch with bat wings. Wiz is a soft-spoken and well-mannered person who always treats everyone with politeness, even Kazuma. She is also very compassionate, willing of sacrifice herself in order to help for her friends, with a smile on her face. Wiz is very committed too, both to her promises of meet again her part members in her shop, help Vanir build his dangeon as well to her shop. For such reasons, Kazuma says she is a "comforting big sister" type. However, Wiz is also an airhead, who never noticed her party member's crush or her, mistook Kazuma and Aqua as a couple[3] and even misinterpreted a duel challenge with a love comfession. It's a recurring joke she exposing her Devil King's Generals comrades' identity while they are scheming by greeting them, since Wiz didn't realize those generals were disguised to begin with. Wiz is a very innocent and hard-working person as well. She truly believes she can accomplish anything with hard work, even if it takes some hundred years. Unfortunately Wiz is unfit to the merchant job, since she was an awful taste for products, being so amazed by their merits that she ignores their demerits or defects. Wiz also has no talent in advertise such produts. And since she is not aware of her poor business sense too, so the moment Vanir takes his eyes off her, Wiz already purchased another useless junk, saying "it will definitely sells". Thanks to her bad business sense and the fact all her money is invested in her shop, the harder Wiz works, the futher is her debt, and she lives in a constant state of poverty, sometimes living by just consuming bread crusts and sugar water, as well as living at the constant risk of go bankrupt. For such reason Wiz is a very humble and unassuming person. When Wiz was a adventurer, she used to hunt ruthlessly all the monsters, getting frustrated when defeated or humiliated by them. However, after becoming a lich, Wiz became a softer person, who prefers to over-apologize and talk it out to avoid conflicts than a more aggressive approach, reason why she is constantly bullied by Aqua and punished by Vanir. Although Wiz is now a pacifist, who would rather beg for her life than lift her hand against her aggressor, she has some weak spots that makes her nervous, as threats against innocent lives other than adventurers and knights those job is risk their lives in war againt the Devil King, and any hint about her real age, which Wiz insists it is "forever 20" since she became a lich.

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