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Wolbach was a goddess that presided over violence and sloth. She served as one of the eight generals of the Demon King and had many worshipers within the Demon King's army. She was a major antagonist, being one of the most predominately featured of the eight generals of the Demon King's army, and was the arch-nemesis of the adventurer Megumin. Wolbach was a beautiful woman with yellow cat-like pupiled eyes and short red hair. She had pointed ears similar to an elf and a strange oval-shaped mark on her forehead. Wolbach was seen to have goat-like horns protruding from the sides of her head while serving as a Demon King General, although whether or not these are part of her natural physiology or are merely decorative items is unknown. She was also fairly tall and well-endowed. While teaching Explosion to Megumin, Wolbach wore a hooded robe covering her whole body and obscuring her face. When she served as a General of the Demon King she wore a cloak going down to her ankles and one-piece suit with a boob window and tie covering her cleavage. Despite being an "evil god" and a general of the Demon King, Wolbach was shown to be of relatively high moral standing. Although she was a Goddess, Wolbach didn't talk down to Megumin (who at the time was a young girl) and elicited concern about the young girl's future as she thought Megumin dedicating her life to Explosion would be a waste. Wolbach has also shown herself to be a very courteous and patient person. After being released from the seal she risked being captured by the Crimson Magic Clan for several days just to fulfill Megumin's wish of learning Explosion magic. Although she normally maintains a calm exterior Wolbach did occasionally lose her temper such as when her legitimacy as a Goddess was called into question by Aqua. She also began cracking after her camp was blasted by Explosion for several days.

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