Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl
Original Name
Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark
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DC Comics, Inc
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Popularity # 21090
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Cassandra is the third character at DC Comics to bear the distinction of Wonder Girl and is the present holder of this title. Before her came the golden age stories of Wonder Woman as a teenager and the more famous stories of Donna Troy throughout most of the silver and modern age of comics. Cassandra’s first appearance was before she had received her powers. After the battle alongside Artemis against the White Magician, Diana decided to leave Boston for Gateway City and while there she decided to work at a museum. Her boss was a woman by the name of Helena Sandsmark and Cassandra was her daughter. Cassandra aided Diana in some of her early adventures, but her first real action as a superhero was when she donned the gauntlets of Atlas and winged sandals of Hermes. Soon after she was granted a boon by Zeus who granted her superpowers (though these could be switched on and off by her mother.) It would later be revealed that her father was, in fact, Zeus, the result of a relationship her mother had had while on an archaeological expedition (though as with most of Zeus dalliances, it is implied that he was disguised.) Soon after her appearance with powers, it was determined that Cassie is indoctrinated in the ways of the Amazons and her training began under Artemis.

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