Xeno Houston Wingfield Husbando

Xeno Houston Wingfield
Original Name
Romaji Name
Zeno Hiusuton Wingufīrudo
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 1st
180.00 cm
69.00 kg
Blood Type
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Isaac Newton3
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Trash # 21297

Appearance Dr. Xeno is a young adult with long, light-colored hair that has been rather meticulously styled into a large pompadour in the front while slicked and spiky towards the back. He has thick eyebrows that widen at the arch and large, dark eyes with no visible irises and heavy bags underneath, making him look slightly raccoon-like. He has a small nose and small mouth with no visible lips. His most notable facial feature is his extremely prominent forehead and the huge petrification scars crossing it. The scars are in the shape of an 'X', ironically the first initial of his name. He is most often seen with a smug, confident grin on his face. Xeno retains his scars even after his second revival; though instead of a huge black mark, it's now a light outline. He wears quite modern clothes, donning a long black coat with a high, jagged collar with a zig-zagging zipper. Panels of white jagged fabric wrap over his shoulders and around his ribcage, making an 'X' on his back, the middle of which hooks onto a small bag. Underneath, he has a light-colored dress shirt and a patterned necktie. Xeno also wears fitted black trousers and shiny black dress shoes. To accessorize, he wears wrist-length gloves with metal claws attached, similar to the clawed weapons used by Ibara. Pre-petrification, he wore a very similar outfit but the coat was less spikey, didn't have the backpack attachment and used buttons rather than zippers. Personality Similar to Senku, Xeno is brilliant when it comes to science. He likes to give lectures on the various scientific endeavors he's involved in. He is very observant, as he noted that Gen's group was skilled at facing the dangers of crossing the seas of the Stone World and that Gen may be lying to him after noticing he didn't fail his polygraph test. He is somewhat eccentric, as he would invade Gen's personal space while asking for his identity in a menacing manner. According to Luna, Xeno would often state the word "Elegant", when something amazes him. This allowed Senku to remember him. Xeno has proven to be condescending, he once stated in the case that he was sent back to the Stone Age that he will rule as a dictator over all those he saw as beneath him. Xeno belittled Magma in the call to the Perseus and requested to make contact with his fellow scientific equal. Xeno seems to underestimate the potential threat caused by Senku's group, as he labels them a "ragtag band of merry youths playing with science". He also has no qualms about starting a full-scale conflict with them, breaking contact the moment his conditions for the negotiation were rejected. Ryusui noted that judging by the behavior of his group so far, telling Xeno about the revival formula would spell doom for them since he is likely to make an army equipped with modern weapons to wipe them out. However, he is fairly confident in the abilities of his subordinates, as he voiced assurance that Stanley will eliminate the science user of their enemy. Xeno is also fond of his protégé Senku. After Luna relayed a silent message to Stanley that Senku was with the Japanese exploration group, he immediately ordered Stanley to not fire and quickly deduced Taiju was a proxy used to protect Senku. Unfortunately, his affection for Senku is ultimately outweighed by his desire for complete control of the Stone World. With brief hesitation, he ordered Stanley to shoot him anyway.

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