Yachiho Azuma

Yachiho Azuma
Original Name
東 八千穂
Romaji Name
Azuma Yachiho
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 14th
155.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 10094
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Trash # 24208

Yachiho Azuma is a member of the Azuma Family, being one of their oldest daughters and the older sister of Himari Azuma. She became a member of the Anti-Demon Corps' 6th Divison earning the position of Vice Chief. Yachiho is a fair-skinned young woman older than Himari, she has long blue hair tied into twintails using white ribbons. Most of the time, she is seen to be dressed in the Anti-Demon Corps' uniform, consisting of a navy blue short-sleeved unit, a red belt, a long skirt, and high-heel boots that reach her thighs.and white gloves Yachiho is very complex, at one moment, she appears to be a bit too confident in her Peach Blessing to the point of believing she's nigh-invincible, while at the same time realizing her own limits. She has shown to be condescending, primarily towards her youngest sister who she often berates for her being weak, and unless in battles with the Shuuki. At the same time, she does acknowledge those who are above her such as Kyouka who she realizes is an effective Chief, while also once again looking down on Yachiho, her Vice Chief who is meant to have her back. Yachiho looks to also be obsessed with being elegant almost all the time, because of her powers and likely because of her enjoyment of poems. She speaks in a distinctive manner resembling that of an elderly intellectual in Japanese. Underneath all that, it was later revealed that Yachiho is, in fact, a deep siscon, to the point of being nearly obsessed with Himari, having several photos about her from infancy placed inside of her bedroom. As such, it appears that she is unable to show her feelings toward Himari, instead bordering on teasing and is attempts to make multiple attempts into getting Himari to come back home and train. If Himari gets in a dangerous situation during a battle, Yachiho will immediately use her Golden Hour to rewind time and save her despite the drawbacks. She tends to overreact whenever Himari turn down her wishes to return home to the point of her even seemingly turning to stone crying.

bangs blue hair fair skin green eyes hair ribbons long hair medium breasts soldier twintails
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