Yachiyo Nanami

Yachiyo Nanami
Place of Origin
Kamihama City
Date of Birth
January 23rd
165.00 cm
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Yachiyo Nanami made her first appearance in episode 1 of the anime Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story. She is an important ally, and throughout the events of the series, Yachiyo is portrayed as an extremely talented magical girl who battled witches for seven years in Kamihama. Nanami is a slim young woman with straight, dark blue hair and bright cobalt eyes. Compared to other girls such as Iroha and Mami, she is taller. Unlike most others, Yachiyo is a college student. Instead of a uniform, her normal wear is that of a black dress tied at the middle with ribbon. A white collar acts as the dress' sleeves. White polka dots can be seen at the skirt alongside a trim of the same color. She is also often seen wearing various other stylish outfits. As a Magical Girl, she wears a blue star-covered dress with a large thigh-high left slit, a gold-trimmed silver breastplate, brown gloves with yellow details and golden trinkets. She wears a blue moon pendant around her neck, visible just below her breastplate. Additionally, she pairs her outfit with brown strapped wedges decorated with blue gems, and a headpiece, as well as a blue hairpin. Yachiyo wields an intricately designed halberd that carries a blue, gold and silver color scheme. Yachiyo is a calm individual who usually prefers to work alone, fearing for the lives of other magical girls due to believing the effects of her wish, ‘to survive,’ were corrupted by Kyubey the effect being that if Yachiyo were to be in any situation where she shouldn’t be able to escape, another magical girl would die in her place. Due to this, Yachiyo often comes off as cold and rude, due to her calm demeanor rarely showing any genuine emotion, making her an unsociable person at first. However, as she opens up to others, a kinder side can be seen. As a college student, Yachiyo has a habit of obsessing over store sales and clearances. She also purchases mugs for those who live at Mikazuki Villa. Her career is in modeling, hence her wish. Her actual ability allows her to inherit the hope of deceased magical girls that intrust their hope with her, which makes her so strong in battle.

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