Yakumo Ezo

Yakumo Ezo
Original Name
蝦夷 夜雲
Romaji Name
Ezo Yakumo
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 16th
157.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 13782
Like # 12284
Trash # 31272

Yakumo Ezo is the Anti-Demon Corps' 5th Unit Chief. Yakumo is a beautiful young woman with a buxom figure, short black hair that has purple tips, and violet eyes. She has a more modified version of the usual Anti-Demon Corps uniform, her jacket being shorter and opened up jacket tunic, a white short undershirt that reveal her stomach, skirts, and long boots. Yakumo is an incredibly nonchalant and relaxed woman, often smiling and appearing unbothered about most things, even referring to a fellow Chief as "-tan". She also appears to be rather upbeat and friendly, often wanting to get along with others. She can be also very perverted, feeling up Bell in various fashions and started undressing her in front of the other Chiefs, Vice-Chief, and Yuuki. Tenka states that this is partially due to her fondness of skinship and touching others. Yakumo is also lustful and loves women, almost all the women in the Anti-Demon Corps, seeking to form an entire harem filled with them. However, she has taken a liking to Yuuki Wakura, seeking to also make him apart of it, making her bisexual (at least toward Yuuki). She is also willing to try and seduce him in public and isn't afraid to undress in front of a boy.

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