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Ymir was a graduate of the 104th Training Corps and a former member of the Survey Corps. She also had the ability to transform into the Jaw Titan, and had knowledge about the true nature of Titans and the history of the world outside the Walls. Ymir was a tall, slender young woman with short, shaggy black hair parted down the middle. She had deeply intimidating gray eyes and freckles on her cheeks. Ymir's hair was usually kept in a low ponytail with a white tie. During her military service, she wore the uniform of her faction with a dark v-neck underneath. When Ymir was revered as a goddess, she wore a pale halter dress with a belt and her hair down. During her final days on Paradis Island and leading up to her death, Ymir wore dark pants and a white long sleeve shirt. Ymir's Titan form, the Jaw Titan, was considerably smaller than most Titans, standing at 5m. It had rugged hair, small black eyes, a large nose, small pointed ears, and long arms. Her most distinct traits were sharp fangs and claws. Unlike other human-controlled Titans, Ymir's body was not well-proportioned because her head was too big. Unlike the Female Titan, her Titan form possessed no distinctly feminine features, similar to Pieck Finger's Cart Titan. Prior to eating Marcel Galliard, Ymir's Titan form was noticeably thinner and her rib cage was more prominent. She also had regular teeth instead of sharpened teeth. Initially, Ymir appeared to be selfish, cynical, uncooperative, and confrontational. However, she later revealed a kinder side, especially around Historia Reiss. Even earlier, Ymir showed this emotional and selfless aspect of herself when she took full responsibility for the Eldian cult's existence, despite her followers betraying her first. She also saved Erwin Smith's life, even though she blamed him for the failure of her plan of ensuring Krista's future. It should also be noted that she showed considerable regret over devouring Marcel Galliard who was Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Bertolt Hoover's friend and comrade, regardless of the fact she did not do it consciously. Ymir was extremely perceptive and could discern the nature of the people around her with alarming accuracy, such as Historia's martyrdom mentality, Reiner's split personality disorder, and Sasha Blouse's desire to look good in front of her peers by hiding her native accent and developing an extremely formal way of speaking. Due to her experiences and belief in self-pride, she tended to rudely criticize people for being untrue to themselves. Furthermore, Ymir was very reasonable, as she knew what to do during her kidnapping situation and reconsidered her options to accomplish her goals. After regaining her human form, Ymir resolved to proudly live for herself only, thinking it to be the best revenge against all those who hated her for her mere existence, and those who had used her for their own purposes. While she was not arrogant, her pride was what defined her character the most. For this reason, though aware of Marley's existence and the secret behind the Titans, she refused to divulge any information to anyone behind the Walls. It also might have played a part in her decision to save Reiner and Bertolt out of a sense of being indebted to them since their arrival is what caused her to regain her human form, even though she knew it meant her own death and never seeing Historia again.

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