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Ec001Bf9Ö48a2, nicknamed Emir-Eins or Ymirein (fan translation) is a female Ex-Machina cluster unit who was responsible for cluster ‘E’. After meeting Sora alongside her superior Einzig, she believed him to be "Spieler", the man who allowed Ex-Machina to experience emotions and fell in love with him. After being beaten by Sora, she decides to follow him for the rest of her years. She has short, bobbed hair that is a rosy-pink at the top and goes to dark blue with sea green tips. She has a mechanical gear-like object fastened on the left side of her head, resembling a hair accessory. She wears a white choker with thin black borders held by a golden fastener. Emir-Eins' eyes have white pupils and her irises go from light sea green to light sky blue at the bottom. Her lashes are a crimson red. Emir-Eins wears a revealing dark blue maid outfit. The dress starts from her neck forming a V shape with white lace at the ends. At the end are 4 circular metal decorations, the bottom two holding two light silver ribbon-like accessories. On her waist is a white belt very much like her choker, but has pink and white petal decorations hanging above and around it. Below it is a few bits of the top part of her outfit that resemble trigonal petals. She wears a frilly lace apron on top of the bottom of her dress. The exterior of her dress is still dark blue, but underneath the dress are triangular frills that range from light pastel indigo to blue frills with green cybernetic digital patterns on them. Her right stocking is white and the other is pastel sea green, both with the same cybernetic digital designs displayed on the interior of her dress. She has two wire-like tails, one curled around her left leg. She is an oddball among the Ex-Machina, often acting against orders, interpreting things in her own favor and was seen forcefully removing Einzig from command in multiple occasions. She is in love with Sora and believes herself to be his bride. She spends most of her time somewhat monotone, only breaking out when wanting to impress Sora. During her introduction, she revealed herself to be a yandere when Sora believed her to be more logical than Einzig, threatening Sora to "mate" with her, otherwise she would commit suicide. The perceptive Sora predicted that if he failed the Ex-Machina hard-lock, Emir-Eins would have launched a suicidal rampage on him or other victims. Another yandere trait she displayed is the habit of tracing Sora with the usage of cloaking technology, much to the latter's annoyance.

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