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Yoga Instructor
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Yoga Instructor teaches Retsuko, Washimi, and Gori yoga and is a support character of the Netflix Original series Aggretsuko. He notably only says "protein". His real name is currently unknown. The yoga instructor's appearance is based off a Kangaroo. He has tan fur across his entire body and has a very built body. He is always seen wearing a purple tank top and gray shorts with no shoes. Not much is actually known about the yoga instructor, not even what his real name is, and for a while Washimi and Gori even thought he was a woman. He essentially forced Retsuko into joining his yoga class but seems to care immensely for his students. Despite saying only the word "Protein", a select few can understand his meaning and convey it to Retsuko or the others. Yoga instructor has the ability to use some sort of telepathic power. He is shown using this power after seeing Gori and Washimi depressed from Retsuko turning down their invitation to go out to eat. He envisions the numbers "9091-89" which he writes down and gives to Gori with no instructions on what it means or how to use it. It appears that he doesn't quite know what these numbers mean either, just that they are important to their situation.

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