Yogiri Takatou Husbando

Yogiri Takatou
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170.00 cm
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Deviluke Necron
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He is a high school student who got transported to another world by a woman called Sion. After being abandoned by his classmates, Yogiri and his new friend Tomochika decide to explore the new world outside, hoping to find a new way back home. Yogiri has been shown to possess a special and powerful ability that can instantly kill anything he desires with a single thought. Despite his powerful ability, he is incapable of achieving the goal of returning home with it, and thus he makes his way through the new world in order to find a way back home. Through the story, however, we slowly learn of Yogiri's true nature. An eldritch horror-type being who, for unknown reasons, manifested himself as Yogiri back in the old world. Yogiri is a man who doesn't care much about his surroundings or people, as long as it doesn't involve him or his friends/allies. He likes to play video-games whenever he can, as well as to sleep a lot. Most of the time he is shown to be quite a calm person, even when in extremely dangerous situations, who considers most things nothing more than a bother. He is quite sure in his capabilities to kill anything, and although he once mentioned that he wouldn't be much surprised if he found something that could survive his power, such a thing has never happened to this day. Yogiri has never once considered himself invincible, and he usually only kills when it's via self-defense. He seems to like Tomochika in a way, as he always tries to enjoy situations in which he accidentally or unintentionally gets a hold of her body. A

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