Yoichi Shigaraki Husbando

Yoichi Shigaraki
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Shigaraki Yoichi
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Yoichi Shigaraki was the younger twin brother of All For One, as well as the first user and progenitor of the One For All Quirk. He was presumed to be Quirkless, and could only watch as his brother committed atrocities. When his brother decided to forcefully implant a Quirk within him, it was discovered that he really did have a Quirk, one with no other power than that it could be transferred to others. The merging of the two Quirks resulted in the creation of "One For All". Due to being physically weak, he was unable to make effective use of his new power. So instead, he decided to pass this Quirk down to his successor, hoping one day it will grow strong enough to stop his brother. Yoichi was a young man with a sickly and malnourished appearance and a weak body. He had white, messy hair, similar to that of Tomura Shigaraki. His hair reached to about his shoulders, and his bangs usually obscured his bright green eyes, which gave him a sinister appearance not consistent with his benevolent personality. During his lifetime, he dressed in simple clothes, wearing a white shirt and dark pants. He would occasionally be seen wearing a light blue jacket. Despite his weak body, Yoichi was recognized for having a strong sense of justice, which came into direct conflict with the ambition and megalomania of his older brother. This feeling made him refuse to submit to All For One, despite his constant attempts to convince him to desist from his ridiculous idealism. He had strong willpower, which allowed him to continue to oppose his extremely powerful brother, even with his weak and fragile constitution. Aside from his strained relationship with his brother, Yoichi is a friendly person, and has a good relationship with all his successors. He holds Izuku Midoriya in high regard, impressed by his conviction to help people in distress, even his enemies, and often voices his support for the younger hero. He also brought the second and third users of One For All to Izuku's side, despite them both initially refusing to acknowledge him, reminding them both on how they once sought to kill him for his connection to All For One, only to save Yoichi instead while calling them both his heroes.

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